By: Bradley Loves

What has the government of the US done over the last 50 to 60 years with almost every single spare penny (trillions of dollars per year) and why does it SEEM (yes only SEEM) the the USA is now scrapping the bottom of the pit as far as world competitiveness in the market place?

What they did…, what they HAVE DONE…, was made a decision!  A decision that came about in the 1950’s…,  and affects every single living man, woman and child in America.


Faced with the idea of a “potential” WAVE coming, or other such global disaster…, these men and women decided that they were going to SAVE only a hand chosen few…, and that from THAT MOMEMNT ON…, the rest of the surface dwellers were to be treated like they were the WALKING DEAD!

In other words…, they NO LONGER MATTERED.

All of the best minds, money and technology was spent over 6 decades building infrastructure UNDERGROUND…, such that there is an entirely new civilization living under AMERICA.

That civilization is FAR MORE ADVANCED than we on the surface can possibly imagine.   They got the best inventions, discoveries, and technology the last 6 decades had to offer…, and we on the surface got NOTHING.

To many people in the know…, that civilization is now called:


It is called this because they are so much more advanced that we would not really even recognize how they do things any longer.

Controlled completely by the MILITARY…, those men and women who get “assigned” to the underground…, usually go down for 20 years…, and rarely come up to the surface.

I have been told that there are many, many children that have been born underground, and are now in their teens and 20’s and have NEVER even seen the surface!

They live in a super advanced type of society…, and are probably “warned” about the barbaric men and women who live on the Surface…, and why they should not want to interact with us.

Each of these underground bases, or actually rather CITIES, are as big as 5 cubic miles…, but some are as much as 20 miles long

For some “light” reading…, you can start


Then watch this video given by a man who claims to have BUILT the bases.:

Then you can watch this:

Then you can read this article which has a drawing of ONE of the bases called:



And, then you can read a transcript, and watch this video of Kerry Cassidy’s Interview with Captain Mark Richards who actually fought a battle against Aliens at Dulce.


More will be coming……

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