By: Bradley Loves


Yesterday I wrote that “BELIEF” in what other people…, or other beings, were telling you, needs to be very carefully discerned! This is absolutely TRUE.

However…, I want to clarify today that I did NOT mean that FAITH is either wrong or bad to have. In fact, FAITH is almost certainly a healing balm when you need healing the most.

Still, I want to clarify my viewpoint even further. Instead of just having FAITH in some lessor beings…, and what they may or may not be telling you, put your FAITH in the SUPREME BEING…, the only ONE that is ETERNAL and is beyond what can be spoken of.

Give all of your LOVE to HE WHO CREATED YOU.

Some people suggest that due to what I write on my BLOG about Angels or Ascended Masters…, that I do not really BELIEVE there is a GOD.
I will clarify even this idea.

In my opinion…, it is not enough to just “believe” in GOD or just “believe” that GOD exists.

Belief and Faith can just as easily turn into doubt when the going gets rough, if that is all you have.

NO…, instead…, you must KNOW there is a GOD!

This is where most people and I part ways in the “spiritual” approach.

It is not enough to have FAITH or to BELIEVE in a PRIME CREATOR.


For myself, I know it completely…, through and through…, like I know that I exist and that I breath!

No one ever has to tell me that there is a GOD…, or a PRIME CREATOR.

I do not need to use BELIEF…, nor do I need to use FAITH.  I do not need these things because I have something even better…, and that something is KNOWING!

  • I know that the SUPREME INTELLIGENCE of the Universe and I are eternally related.
  • I know that I am an extension of PRIME CREATOR’S LOVE for all time!

Because I KNOW THIS, I do not need a Channeler…, nor some Astral Being to tell me how it is.

However…, for those of you who are reading this…, and who will most certainly ask the single, and most inevitable question relating to what I have said, you will want to know this:

HOW…, HOW can you just KNOW?

I will give you a clue as to how it’s possible…, a simple clue that if you follow…, you will most certainly have your answer…, and it is this:


LOVE GOD with all your heart…, all your Mind…, and all your SOUL!

LOVE PRIME CREATOR with such intensity and such strength…, and such unending loyalty…, that your entire day is eventually consumed by it!

Use your day to “pray” unceasingly!

Breath in and out your LOVE for the Supreme Intelligence in every waking moment…, and if you can do this one thing…, I guarantee that YOU TOO WILL ALSO KNOW!

No other intermediary between you and GOD at that time will ever be necessary again.

You see there is a “reward” for this kind of loyalty…, and that reward is KNOWING!

Some people call it “intuition”.  But what ever it is called it is a “gift” of the CREATOR.

Intuition and Knowing is simply having the “knowledge” of a thing without having to be told or taught that knowledge.  It is instant!  It is accurate!  It is GOD sharing the “answer” with you!

I developed this gift early in my life.  It came as a result of “DOING” the very thing that I have suggested which is to LOVE GOD at every moment.

As a result of “doing” this…, by the time I was in my late 20’s…,  I was having experiences in my life most people would call “fantastic”.

It was strange at first to be sure.   I would be talking with people about things that affected their lives…, or things that were happening in the world.  And they would tell me something they intended to do.

The very moment they verbalized what they intended to do…, the “answer” would come into my head instantly (as knowing) what the result would be if they did!

It took me several years of watching this happen in my mind before I would start vocalizing what I was “knowing” to those I was talking with. At first, I would say…, well my intuition tells me this.

Eventually…, I dropped the “Intuition Tells Me” thing and simply say:


What was happening to me is that by the time I was in my mid-thirties…, I was trusting the answers being given to me.

I never realized just how serious it was until other people started to notice and tell me they were noticing.

I can remember driving in one of my good friends cars and having a conversation where once again…, he told me a circumstance he was dealing with…, and what he intended to do.  My immediate “intuition” about what he said was grave…, and I “knew” it would not end well if he took that action.  So I told him so!

His response was surprising…, because instead of doubting what I said…, He was horrified.

Please…, please don’t say that outcome will happen…, he pleaded.

When I asked what he meant, he gave me this answer which surprised me.

It’s because EVERYTHING you ever say COMES TRUE!  IT always happens…., and I don’t want THAT to happen.

For the first time, I was a little shaken…, because here was my good friend acting as if I was cursing him or something…, when in matter of fact…, it was simply the gift of KNOWING…, that allowed me to tell him the result of an action he was about to take.

Yet he thought that if I “said” it differently…., it would “happen” differently.  I was both silently amused, but also hurt, because I had gotten quite used to the gift by then…, and instead of being scared of it…, treated it as a benefit of my relationship with GOD.

I explained to him that it did not work that way…, but to no avail.

My next experience with this is when I had a very, very good friend (much older than myself) introduce me to a life long friend of his while we were going out to a very nice restaurant.

During the course of our conversation after introductions…,  we talked about many things…, and the woman who I had been introduced to, finally came out and said openly to my friend that I must be some sort of NUT CASE to talk the way I do.

My friend, (who was driving) stopped the car and turned to her and said:

I have known Brad for almost 10 years…, and he has NEVER yet been wrong!  In fact…, I don’t know how he does it…, but every single thing he has ever told me about my life has come true.  Don’t ever say that about him!


Once again…, I was quite surprised at this because I certainly did not consider myself “infallible”…, but it was my friends response that got me to thinking that something about me might just be a little different.

Once again…, it was the “gift” of KNOWING, or of “intuition” if that word works better for you.

But it IS POSSIBLE to attain…, and once you do…, you will never have to worry about the “lessor” gifts of FAITH or BELIEF…, which can change as fast as the wind or the weather.

This is why I do not NEED to run to a CHANNELER to find out what I can easily find out from within my own being!  It is my connection and relationship with PRIME CREATOR that tells me everything…, and PRIME CREATOR IS NEVER WRONG!  EVER!

So this is how I do it!  This is how I just “KNOW”.

I love GOD with all my heart, mind, and Soul…, and that gives me the connection I speak of.  YOU can develop it too.


However…, even Christ said this…, so I am not telling you anything new.

  1. LOVE GOD with all your heart, all your Mind, and all your Soul!
  2. Love others as you love yourself.

Do this in:

  1. Thought
  2. Word
  3. Deed

Action is the final step!

By their WORKS will you know them!

All my love



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