By: Bradley Loves


I am no longer really interested in Moives per se.  At least not for entertainment purposes.  However…, if I think I can get some EDUCATIONAL VALUE out of them…, I will take a chance on them.

JASON BOURNE is one of those Movies.  Even though “HOLLYWOOD” will claim it’s just a movie…, tons of real life “stuff” was shown to us during the course of the story.

My “feelings” as I watched swayed between…, “Yep…, that’s exactly the way it is…”, to absolute DISGUST at the glibness with which the movie goers are “presented” with “THIS IS THE WAY WE DO THINGS SITUATIONS”

As with all of the other Jason Bourne movies…, it centers around the CIA…, and their ILLEGAL ASSASSINATION PROGRAMS.

No matter what large city in the world we are talking about…, there is an “ASSET”…, (a nice word for paid assassin) of the USA CORPORATION…, living there who can be activated at a moment’s notice.

This person does absolutely NOTHING with his or her time all day long…, except waiting for a phone call to go kill someone.

HIDDEN DEEPLY in the bowels of CIA files under such names as TREADSTONE…,  it is a program which is outside the control of Governments and is run by total psychopaths wearing business suits.

The over the top “glibness” with which these guys kill people I thought could not get more audacious or bizarre than was shown in the last installment of the movie.

But…, SORRY…, I was wrong!  This movie…, (along with actor Tommy Lee Jones) takes the glibness of killing people to whole new level of psychopathy!

As HEAD OF THE CIA…, Jones shows us during one particular operation…, that he is willing to assassinate four of his own assassins…, just to teach one of his underlings a lesson on who is really in charge.

Killing to him, is just like breathing air.

In addition to this…, we get an “EDWARD SNOWDEN” type look at exactly how they are able to use EVERY SINGLE PIECE of technology you own against you!

This is probably the most instructive part of the movie.

However…, probably the most disgusting part of the movie for me is the office filled with “twenty somethings” who are fresh out of college and so “f’ing” brainwashed that they think they have the right to spy on, listen in on…, and or kill any living human being…, on the “orders” of a GOVERNMENT HIGHER UP.

The rank stupidity of our younger generation is the fault of their parents…, who DID NOTHING to teach them how to think critically…, and ASK…, (as Mark PASSIO says)…



Final word on the movie:   DISGUSTING

Educational value on a scale of one to ten…., “8”

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