Murder of Roberto
Calvi is tied to
global Satanist cult

by Jeffrey Steinberg   (Feb. 10th 1989)


Recent instances of bizarre murders of prominent Establishment figures in Western Europe, underscore the fact that, at the levels of the elite Freemasonic circles, a “holy war” has broken out:

  • On Jan. 27 , the Financial Times of London reported that a Milan judge ruled that the death of Banco Ambrosiano, director and Propaganda Two (P2) Masonic bigwig Roberto Calvi was actually murder.

A British coroner had “found” at the time, that Calvi’s death (he was hung over the Black Friar’s Bridge in London in a Freemasonic ritualistic murder) was a case of suicide. The finding in Milan revives what has been described by European and American intelligences specialists as a war between northern and southern European rival Freemasonic factions .

The northern faction is associated with British and German Scottish Rite Masonry, which has enthusiastically pushed the “We Love Gorbachov” line, and has been a backer of Ayatollah Khomeini.

The Calvi murder was linked at the time to the P-2 scandal, which erupted in the aftermath of the aborted series of assassination attempts against Pope John Paul II.

As the spiritual leader of world Christianity, the Pope is a constant target of “Anti-Christ” underground circles .

  • On Jan. 31, a prominent member of the Bourbon royal family of Spain was assassinated in Vail, Colorado.

Prince Alfonso de Borbon Dampierre, a first cousin of King Juan Carlos of Spain and the pretender to the defunct throne of France, was killed on the ski slopes when a cable was lowered on him as he was skiing at high speed.

Eyewitnesses described it as murder.

An international arms dealer, the prince had close ties to Argentina and provided crucial arms shipments during the Malvinas War against England. Exiled in Italy throughout the Franco period, the prince was also believed to have strong Vatican ties .

Several other suspected murders of prominent political figures in West Germany, including state Prime Ministers Uwe Barschel ( 1 987) and Franz Josef Strauss (1988), also have the earmarks of the Masonic-Satanic wars .

These brutal conflicts among the Freemasonic elites pale in significance, when compared with what is being unleashed upon the population at large by the same degenerate circles.

The frightening proliferation of Satanic and Luciferian cults, many of which are engaged in brutal acts of child abuse and murders, and wild sex-drug orgies, is no mere “sociological phenomenon” brought on by the proliferation of satanic rock videos and the spread of newer and more devastating varieties of drugs.

Indeed, as this Feature documents, the proliferation of Satanic cults is a top-down phenomenon.

Satanism is flourishing in the schoolyards and suburban shopping centers of America, because an increasingly more visible and powerful minority among the Liberal Establishment has surfaced as practicing Satanists, in some cases engaging in the overt rituals, in the majority of cases “doing Satan’s bidding” through the conscious spreading of chaos and death across the five continents .

Here are some of the most recent examples of their handiwork:

  • Just before he was executed in Florida on Jan. 24, Ted Bundy, who is believed to have murdered over 100 young women in a coast to coast rampage that spanned a decade, told an interviewer that pornography had “guided and shaped” his bloodlust.

“I have lived in prison for a long time now, and I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to violence just like me. And without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography.”

Bundy was also a heavy drug user throughout his years on the rampage.

  • A Canadian court in Edmonton, Alberta, is about to rule on an extradition request by the state of California, which has asked Canada to turn over Charles Ng, a 27-year-old Vietnam veteran who is accused of 25 murders in the San Francisco area in 1984-85 .

According to prosecutors, Ng and a partner, Leonard Lake, ran a sex-slave kidnapping ring that used an underground bunker east of the Bay Area to carry out torture murders and ritualistic burials.

When Lake committed suicide in police custody several years ago, Ng fled to Canada.

  • Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker” accused of dozens of murders in California, began trial in early February. An avowed Satanist, Ramirez told police that he had been “inspired” to murder and mutilate the bodies of his victims by the satanic rock group AC/DC, whose hit song; “Night Prowler” was the basis for his nocturnal murder orgies.

Ramirez would break into the homes of his victims late at night, and, after murdering them, would spray paint satanic symbols on their bedroom walls.

In the 20 years since Charles Manson’s Family-a spinoff of two Satanic cults, the Church of Satan of Anton Szandor LaVey, and the British-based The Process (Church of the Final Judgment)-carried out their infamous massacre, Satanic cults have proliferated in the United States to such an extent that nationwide computer communications grids exists to permit constant “real time” contact among members.

One such computer “bulletin board,” called “BaphoNet” (after the Anti-Christ figure worshiped by the medieval Knights Templar) lists 359 Satanic cells, bearing such names as “Coven of Isis,” “Church of Satan,” “Pagan Circle,” “the Clan of the Cauldron,” “Uranus Coven of the Pagan Way,” “Seven Covens of Lucifer,” and “Church of the Universal Forces .”

BaphoNet is run by a former LaVey disciple named Michael Aquino, an active-duty lieutenant colonel in the United States Army, a specialist in psychological operations, who was accused in 1987 by the San Francisco Police Department of being involved in child rapes near the Presidio Army Base.

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