By: Bradley Loves

Welcome to the year that every channeler in the NEW AGE promised us would never come!  At least not here on the 3rd Dimensional level!

By now…, all of us…, good, bad or otherwise, were either supposed to be Ascended to the 5th Dimension…, OR, moved off planet in huge spherical ships called:  BIOSPHERES!

Yes…, by now (2016) all of this AND MORE…, was supposed to have occurred!

By now…, we were “supposed” to have:

  1. Disclosure
  2. Free energy devices
  4. The “end” of the globally corrupt governments
  5. Justice for those who have been endlessly tormented and cheated
  6. Fair distribution of Money, leading to the end of money forever.


Yes…, COUNTLESS channelers PROMISED US…., over and over and over…, that these things were just months away!

These “promises” were made over 3 years ago by the way!

So hows that working out for you????

I could post a hundred channeled messages by at least 50 channelers in the run up to 2012 who told us to EXPECT these things IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS!

Now that none of this has come to pass…, you’d think that these people would APOLOGIZE for the errors in the messages they put out.

However…, instead…, these hapless men and women have doubled down…, and increased the bullshit they are pandering to the public with NO APOLOGIES and NO WORRIES about the fact that almost EVERYTHING they predicted did NOT come to pass!

I guess the biggest question that I have is NOT when will these charlatans stop spreading these sick messages that will never come true…, but instead…, what will it take to PROVE to those who faithfully read them each and every week that what they are reading is nothing but LIES?

I know that much of the TRUTH that was covered up has finally been exposed in the year of 2105…, and that it was really difficult for most people…, even the NEW AGERS to catch up with and hear what was really going on.

BUCKLE UP YOUR SEAT BELT…, because in the year of 2016…, even MORE of the real truth will be FULLY EXPOSED to every man, woman and child.

If you weren’t ready for what you found out in 2015…, BRACE YOURSELF…, it’s going to get ugly!

The TRUTH is not for the faint of heart…, but for the courageous!

All my love for the last day in 2015….

I lovingly send greetings to the NEW YEAR OF PURE TRUTH…, 2016!



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