We are getting closer and closer to the goal!

We are doing this together!  We are overcoming all of the obstacles that have been put in our way and we are bringing out the TRUTH that has long been deliberately hidden for thousands of years.

Just by coming to Love Truth Site and reading here – you have been part of that monumental effort!  You have been a Warrior for God and a Digital Soldier!

No real change can ever come about in the world if we do not act together as one in order to make that change happen.  This is simply how Creation works.

In this year of 2023, I will be much more mindful of just how hard (and how much effort) everyone who comes here to read has put into this massive writing project by being the “AUDIENCE” that reads, sees, hears, and receives the message of TRUTH!

No teacher can teach anything if the students do not show up!  Just like no cast of performers can put on a play if there is no audience to watch it played out on the stage!

There always must be teachers AND students, performers AND an audience for knowledge to be shared and understood.

Every single one of you have been an important and integral part of the process of this Great Awakening!  Every single one of you was needed for this to work!

The truth of the matter is that you showed up!  You are the ones who had the real courage (not those who stayed away)!  You took the challenge upon yourself to read here at Love Truth Site and to LEARN all of the many things that you were never told.


Mark Passio’s short videos were a perfect post for today!  If you took the time to watch them (they are both short) you will have learned that WE THE PEOPLE have the power and the ability to change what is happening around us.

We can do this through our WILL, our INTENTIONS, and our THOUGHTS/BELIEFS!

He also said that we can do this regardless of what appears to be happening all around us.  Even if the tendency of motion is going in the other direction…., We the People can still get to where we want to go!

We simply need to use MORE ENERGY and MORE EFFORT to overcome the opposing forces.

Mark used the example of a Jet Airliner flying against the wind to show you that no destination is impossible to reach – it is just that some destinations will take far more effort to get to.


And, thank you again for being part of this massive writing project that the Holy Spirit asked me to do – and honestly (if I am allowed to continue and I can get at least some protection from the White Hats) this writing AND TEACHING PROJECT will go far into the future!

All my love



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