No, the world will not vanish after 2024!  It will still be here.  However, as every farmer knows, if you plant corn in the spring, then only CORN will grow into a crop and the only harvest the farmer can expect to get in the fall of the year is corn.

Whatever happens in 2024 will decide the future for a long time to come!

We are now at the very end of all of the final chances that have been given to humanity to turn things around and to save themselves from the fate that the Globalists want to give them.  Volunteer Souls and Emissary Souls have worked so very hard over the last ten or eleven years to bring the message to the masses to please WAKE UP!

Most of these Volunteer Souls have worked so hard (for so little) that they are now totally exhausted!  Many have been banned and censored for trying to do their work in bringing you the truth while many more have been beaten, falsely accused, and jailed by YOUR POLICE, YOUR COURTS, and YOUR AGENCIES. 

Most have been targeted and bankrupted to the point where they have almost no money to even live their lives much less continue to do their work to help humanity, and few people if any send donations to help them with their task.


The greatest portion of humanity continues on with their lives as if NOTHING is happening around them and that life will continue on “normally” for them years into the future!  They are oblivious to what is happening because they just don’t care enough about life to even take a look around them.

The stage is now set and the final act is very soon coming onto the stage for everyone to see.  The Globalists are ready for their final push toward the New World Order – and so the FINAL TEST that all of humanity must take (this means YOU) is being placed on your desk right in front of you.

Whether you want to take it or not – you WILL take this test. Your own soul requires it of you!

You have been living here on Earth for many, many years.  You are part of the “soup” that is called humanity.  Therefore it was with YOUR HELP and YOUR INPUT that the world is exactly the way it is now!

The seeds that were planted into the field are there (partly) because of you!



What is it that you choose for you and your families future is the only question on the test! 

Do you choose a free world and a culture filled with love and hope?  Or, do you choose a MASSIVE SYSTEM OF CONTROL which will pretend to give you everything that you want in the beginning, but will ultimately ENSLAVE YOU utterly and completely in the end?

Here is a hint for the test before you take it:

The correct choice is the one that seems the most difficult!  (The easy choice will be the wrong one).

The easy choice will be just doing as you are told by your Governments and your figures of Authority!  The easy choice will be to be fully obedient and to simply comply with what is handed to you over the next year or two.  This easy choice will lead to your utter enslavement by the Globalists in the years that follow.

The difficult choice will be to fight back!  The difficult choice will be to come to grips with just how much humanity has been lied to, steered, and pushed into the direction that the New World Order wanted.  The difficult choice will be NON-COMPLIANCE & CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE – and standing up for your freedoms and the freedoms of others.

The difficult choice will be to stand your ground no matter how hard the Globalists try to make your lives when they make their final push toward the New World Order Police State.

The difficult choice will be very hard to do, but will lead to your FREEDOM in the years that follow!



What you choose to do when you take this test will decide “your future” and “your fate” for a long, long, time into the future.  Your thoughts, words, and actions are CREATIVE – and by taking the test that you MUST TAKE – you will be creating your own future and the future of those around you.

You will reap what you sow!

Every single moment of your life – all of your choices, all of your experiences, all of your actions, words, and thoughts have led you up to THIS POINT where you must now decide what you will choose for a long time to come.

Are you ready for 2024?  It is right around the corner!  What will you choose to do when you take your FINAL TEST?

Second hint:  If you “choose” to do nothing – then you will get the DEFAULT RESULT that everyone who does nothing must always get!  That result is the one that the New World Order wants to give you. 


Just so you are clear.  Even getting out of bed in the morning is a CHOICE!  Choosing to eat and to breath is a CHOICE!  We can not refuse to choose.  Please don’t kid yourself into thinking that you can somehow pass the test by NOT CHOOSING ANYTHING.

As human beings, we can only choose to act or choose to do nothing.



Finally – a tiny bird does not learn how to fly by “choosing” not to flap it’s wings.  It is far easier to stay in the nest and DO NOTHING.  But no bird is ever given that choice!  The bird must learn to fly and so it is very rudely kicked out of the nest.  It will either flap it’s wings and fly – or it will fall to the ground and maybe die!


All my love


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