Apparently 24 Hour Fitness has been living under a rock for the last 2 or 3 years!

(Or watching CNN – Criminal News Network)

Check out this tweet!

The symbol in the image above is from the FBI!   The symbol in the Blue O above is a “mirrored image” of the BoyLove Symbol!

It is mirrored in TWO ways!

First…, it is turned around so that only when you look in a mirror does it look like the FBI symbol!

Second…, it is the mirror of colors!   Instead of Blue ink on a White Background…, it is white ink on a blue background!

This second “mirroring” shows that the mirroring was INTENTIONAL!

Yet…, I’m certain that due to the mirror effect…, those who did this will claim DENIABILITY!

Remember…, ALL ILLUMINATI are Magicians!

Magicians (aka Merlin) love to look at things in Mirrors!



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