Due to Luke’s ongoing technical problems with his computer – He and I will be doing Audio Podcasts for the next few weeks.

This particular Podcast (that was done on Christmas day) is all about what it is like to be a Volunteer Soul.  I thought this information is especially important for people to hear at this time in the awakening process.

I know that so many people (even those who are really decent people) have grown very tired of Religions and even of Spirituality itself in so many ways – and have thus come to believe that “WE” were all created by Aliens (or some other form of beings) and therefore praying to “GOD” is no longer even logical.

What I would like my readers and listeners to remember is that yes (our physical bodies) have been genetically altered (many times) by beings who should have NEVER tinkered with what God gave to us in the first place.

That being said – God is the Creator of our “SOULS”

There are no beings, species, races, off worlders, or ET groups anywhere that can claim in any way, shape, or form to have created our souls, and therefore they can have NO CLAIM to our physical bodies either. 

You see, they believe that if they “tinker” with our bodies and alter our DNA – then they can CLAIM THEM as property.


This is a classic ruse and a huge con that has to do with “property rights”

As eternal souls – WE HAVE PRIORITY CLAIM over the bodies that we are living in (or inhabiting) while we are in them.

No amount of genetic tinkering can ever give another being the right to claim the body that is being inhabited by another eternal soul.  The soul always and forever has priority rights to the body that it is in.

As we move forward into the GREAT AWAKENING – this is very important to remember because more and more information will be coming out making the assertion that OFF WORLDERS/ET’S/ED’S came to Earth and tinkered with our DNA (therefore changing us) and so as a result “they” are our creators and our gods! 

(Or even worse than that – our OWNERS”)


This is why God did in fact send to Earth (at this point in time) millions of Volunteer Souls and Emissaries.  Some of these High Level Emissaries come directly from HIS THRONE, and will return there as WITNESSES.

He wanted to remind every soul living here on the Earth exactly who their Creator really is!

He did this so that they would not be conned and fooled by men and other beings that are claiming ownership (or even creator-ship) of the rest of us based upon  legal technicalities having to do with our physical bodies and their efforts at genetic engineering.

So please have a listen to this SPECIAL AUDIO PODCAST that Luke and I did on Christmas Day!  It is all about what it is like to be a Volunteer Soul (or an Emissary) that was sent here to Earth (by God Himself) to help humanity in their Great Awakening!


If you are a Volunteer Soul – then you will definitely resonate with this and know that it is true.

Happy Listening and All my love



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