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This article is going to be taking a look at some of the thoughts and feelings laid out by the Gentleman who made the video I just posted.

I am not going to argue for the existence of Jesus, because I’ve already made it clear that it is my opinion that a human being of that caliber does exist.

I did this with my previous blog…, which is archived forever on the web!  See this page:


What I find interesting about the discoveries made by this man in the video.., is that  he FINALLY broke through one of the most basic and far reaching DECEPTIONS of the NEW AGE…, and saw it for what it was worth!

He realized that there actually IS A DIFFERENCE between GOOD and EVIL.  He realized that there IS such a thing as choosing GOOD (or right action) over BAD (or wrong action).

He called it sin.

Call it what you like…, it is still and important concept to grasp!

I think he even went so far as to say that he had never even found a reason to “clean up his life”…, or at least found a reason that meant anything to him.

He drank, smoked, indulged in porn, sex, and alcohol.  “Indulging” in these things – (according to his earlier view of reality) were perfectly fine…, since GOD was inside of him.., and therefore he was “ALREADY” one with GOD.

He believed that “correcting” his behaviors were therefore meaningless in the GRAND SCHEME of the Universe…, and saw no measure of his “deeds” on Earth as important.

This is the quintessential flaw of the NEW AGE.., and the first step in a long line of carefully laid DECEPTIONS which ultimately claim the souls of many good people.

Your “actions” and your “deeds” DO MATTER!

Mark Passio has said it again and again…, in countless videos that the single thing that the Luciferians/Satanists are trying to destroy at all costs is our ability to CARE about others, about ourselves, and about our WORLD.

How to do that most effectively??

Put forth the last (and newest) form of “religion” (which means to bind) into the world, and call it very simply: THE NEW AGE!

This was done by Luciferian leaning Freemasons as far back as the late 1800’s in the form of Helena Blavatsky.


For those who doubt that the NEW AGE was started by Freemasons…, see this image of their own publication which had the very same title…, and it was called: THE NEW AGE MAGAZINE (Of the Freemasons)


When the Cabal and the Illuminati go to the Bohemian Grove…, the main Ritual (Satanic) that they do is the CREMATION OF CARE!

They do this in front of a stone owl that represents MOLOCH!


They do this ritual by “burning” a mock or dummy human being in the fire of the alter…, to show that no matter what they do to humans or the world…, they just won’t CARE!

But what does Mark Passio say about CARE??

He calls it the lost principle!

This video is well worth your time!

Now…, I’m not here to get into a HE said/SHE said tussle about what the NEW AGE believes.., but I’ve personally been involved with many (good) people who call themselves New Agers…, and the biggest flaw of their personalities is their LACK of CONCERN and LACK OF CARE!!

They claim the “channelers” have told them (you see that.., they abdicate personal responsibility just like the ORDER FOLLOWERS DO…,to choose for themselves) that in order to ASCEND they “have to” (read must at all costs) over look – tolerate, and FORGIVE EVERYTHING!

(I think that the Law of One…, and the Course in Miracles – BOTH 100 percent Channeled works…, make this claim!)

Terrified that they will miss the Ascension boat…, these men and women have (on their own) for this reason…., turned a blind eye to every EVIL and every DARK DEED talking place on the Earth at this time!

(Only so they can get their golden ticket onto the Ascension Boat!)

How are they able to do this and sleep at night??


So tell me friends.., how is this different than what the Cabal is doing at Bohemian Grove in the Creamation of Care ceremony?

You know what I see??

I see a very same “religion” (THE NEW AGE) coming at humanity from both ends!

On the high side…, it comes to the Illuminati and the Satanists…, who are true and ardent followers of Satan/Lucifer.  So they “study” the unedited “version” of the NEW AGE…, which includes Satan or Lucifer as the “GOD” of this World!

(According to both Albert Pike and Helena Blavatsky).

On the low side…, it comes to the common man or the masses, who really believe they are being spiritual…, through the CHANNELING COMMUNITY…, which is largely a “tool” and an “arm” of Fallen Angels!  This version of the NEW AGE is the “edited version” or the highly “abridged” version that teaches Satanic “tenets” in easy to understand lessons which (IF NOT QUESTIONED) could “seem” to hold water and be beneficial!

The men and women who channel have thus become very “useful tools” of beings they have never seen, and can’t possibly know whether or not they are being truthful!

BOTH sides (the high side, and the low side) are “teaching” the followers to tolerate EVERYTHING…, and to NOT CARE!

Do what thou wilt!!

Was written by Aliester Crowley.., as one of the most important tenets of Satanism.

Naturally, if you are doing what you want…, regardless of the cost to others…, you have to remove ALL CARE!

No matter how much I write on this blog…, and no matter what I say…, I am constantly amazed by other blogs and websites that are being run by people who CLAIM to be totally spiritual…, but maintain the very flawed, channeled idea that you must tolerate EVERYTHING!

Or worse…, that good and bad…, dark and light…., are all the SAME THING…, and it really does not matter which you choose!

That is how we get “apologists” in the NEW AGE who will stand by Barack Obama right up till the end!  No matter how many lies, deceptions, or evil deeds he has done…, he’s a “good man”…, because the channelers say so!

In his video interview with Max Igan…, Mark Passio hit the nail right on the head with a statement he made at the 22 minute mark in this video. Please go to it and re-listen (assuming you already listened to it) to the part from 14 minutes to 24 mins!  It’s only a ten minute segment!

This is exactly what is wrong with EVERY New Age being that tolerates evil in their own lives as well as the lives of others!

You can’t “be spiritual” if you are willing to apologize and to tolerate the continuous HARMING OF OTHERS…, and support a system that does this.

You are NOT awake…, you are NOT near Ascension…, and you are NOT making progress!!

At 22:30 he puts it as clear as it can be!!

Until people STOP supporting the control system…, (especially those who have jobs that work for it)…., I don’t care if you have a family to feed…, I don’t care if you lose your job!  I would not care if I died penniless and broke on the street…, I WILL NOT CO-OPERATE with EVIL!    That my friends is “awakened”!   Anything that does not reach that level is STILL ASLEEP.

Once you really get this…, then you can began to see that all of the “APOLOGISTS” for Barack Obama…, who claim that his life was “threatened” and that is why he has to do bad or evil things…, JUST DON”T GET IT!

(They are totally FULL OF SH*T)!!

Why do I say this??

They themselves are NOT spiritual!  Like Mark says in the video above:

QUIT YOUR JOB!  Find another one!  NEVER CO-OPERATE with EVIL!

The very moment Obama was threatened…, he had a CHOICE to quit…, and to move on!  Instead…, he does “evil”…, and the NEW AGE “apologists” claim that somehow…, he has no other choice!


Get that through your heads!  He can say this…,

…even if I were to DIE…, I will NEVER co-operate with EVIL!

That is the measure of an “awakened human” and NOT A SINGLE INCH LESS!

And like Mark also says…, “Is that extreme??  You bet it is!”

It moves all action and behavior totally into the GOOD…, and into CARING about others…, and into supporting LIFE at all costs!

That is the measure of real Spirituality…

Endless TOLERANCE of anything and everything…, over looking all EVIL…, or believing that there is no such thing as EVIL…, is the FINAL DECEPTION…, that Satan…, the endless deceiver needed to have in place before he could make an appearance on the world stage!



In reference to the previous video…, I think the former NEW AGE writer may have finally gotten it!

All my love…





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