By: Bradley Loves


This more than anything describes a huge portion of the Millennial Generation across the Western World.

Paul Joseph Watson was not wrong!   He correctly has his fingers on the pulse of the declining Western World.

It’s not hard or difficult to see for anyone who is paying close attention.  But for those who actually are totally self indulgent…, well then what is happening is impossible to see because it seems normal!

Maybe you did not know this…, but a “culture” or “society” is made up of EVERYONE that is living in it – young and old alike!

Old people, and those on the verge of retirement, FALSELY BELIEVE that the “culture” they grew up in is the same culture that surrounds them at the present moment – and that could not be further from the truth.

The “culture” the surrounds them is made up of:

  • Kids from age 1 to 20
  • Young adults (Millennials) from age 20 to 40
  • Middle aged working people from age 40 to 60

KIDS FROM 1 to 20 are being taught by highly progressive/satanic teachers who feel it proper to train and teach their students about sex and masturbation in the first grade!

These (5 & 6 years olds) are learning that it’s cool to change their genders and perfectly okay to cut off certain body parts, and are also learning that sex with adults is okay and should not be judged.

  • These same kids are being taught that the State really cares for them while their own parents don’t!  They are being taught that there is NO GOD and that people who believe in RELIGION are basically evil.
  • They are being taught that communism and socialism are the ONLY forms of  responsible Government that are fair and treat everyone equally.  They are taught that capitalism has destroyed everything, and should be cast out as improper and evil.
  • Children are being taught that to love your own country is wrong and evil and that they should not love America because of how BAD it is.  They are being taught that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is outdated and therefore expendable!
  • They are being taught that the world will end in about 12 years due to CLIMATE CHANGE and that any one who denies this is an ENEMY of the entire world and must be taken out or stopped at any cost!
  • They are being taught that it is better to EAT BABIES than to eat cows (which produce too much CO2), and that getting married is useless because it makes even more children which are not necessary and hurt the planet!
  • Finally, they are being taught that they have little chance for a future unless they BELIEVE and ACT on everything their “teachers” are teaching and telling them, because that is exactly what Socialistic/Communistic Teachers do! – They do not allow for dissension or disbelief or personal opinions!

Many of these kids from age 1 to 20 are the CHILDREN OF MILLENNIALS!

So right off the bat…, we’ve got lots and lots of very young people living in the same culture with “old people” who are so diametrically opposed in thought and belief that the two groups are almost incompatible with each other!

YOUNG ADULTS FROM 20 to 40 (Millennials) 

Millennials allow their children to be taught that capitalism is bad because they were taught in school as well, although not nearly as forcefully as it is being done today!

Millennials are saddled with a huge amount of debt from their College Years because they were all told they needed an expensive education to get a good job and so they took out huge loans (tens of thousands of dollars) to buy an education only to come out of school and have no jobs because Barack Insane Obama shipped all of the factories (including high tech) and well paying jobs over seas!!

Because many of them are broke and others only living in low income situations they have come to believe that their “teachers” were correct about Capitalism!  They think that it hurts the country…, but they never experienced how capitalism built up America in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s!

They are not smart enough to realize that GLOBALISTS like the Rothchilds and the Rockerfellers are actively destroying America from within and THAT is why they don’t have jobs…, not because of Capitalism.

  • Millenniels grew up playing Video Games and tend to see the world as a FANTASY GAME, instead of seeing it in terms of something that GOD created that needs to be built up through hard work and deep affection for what you are doing.
  • They have no time for GOD and thus no time for reflection on what life is really all about.   They are highly educated but do not KNOW anything.
  • Their heads are filled with facts, figures, and statistics…, but they can not THINK LOGICALLY or SOLVE PROBLEMS.
  • They do not have the ability to think critically because this was never taught to them in school!
  • This makes them highly educated fools, who are willing to believe anything and are very easily led down paths which are BAD for them and their families.  This is why they allow their children (age 1 to 20) to learn and be taught Satanic Things and do not put up any kind of fuss!

I’ve now covered the “culture” of all people living in America from age 1 to 40!  And statistically speaking that is not yet half of America because the birthrate is dropping.

What do you suppose is going to happen when MORE than half of our culture thinks and believes like this, and starts to ACT ON IT??

Well lets put it this way!

Young people already are being taught that babies have no intrinsic value and can be aborted or even “eaten” if necessary for food!  What I am getting at here is that these young people have “learned” from their Socialist Teachers that life has no real VALUE!

So how long do you think it will be before these same young people (once given the reins of power in DC) start killing off the OLD PEOPLE…, just because they are no longer productive, and are therefore a burden on a planet that has a CLIMATE ISSUE??

How many of you who are in your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s have given any serious thought to the notion that these “young people” who you’ve dismissed and failed to pay any attention to will soon have the power to KILL YOU by way of lethal injection…, just because you are not productive any longer and are basically taking up too much space??

These “kids” don’t give a damn about life, love, liberty, or freedom because they have never been TAUGHT TO GIVE A DAMN about these things!

And…, while they were learning all of this crazy stuff from totally demented socialist school teachers…, YOU SAID AND DID NOTHING!

So who is to blame when they come after you…, and suddenly decide that you no longer matter in your old age??

What kind of laws do you think they are capable of passing – given they don’t believe in a GOD?   Maybe anyone over 65 without a job and not being productive just has to GO???


I don’t know why it is that so many people out there in the world are so out of touch with the young people and the young kids in their lives…, that they are FAILING TO SEE that it is these young people who will have the reins of power very soon!

If these young people are not TAUGHT about GOD…, and about the VALUE OF HUMAN LIFE…, then they will not value YOUR LIFE!

This is about as simple as it gets…, and it could not be more important!

The older generation has abandoned the younger generation to GODLESSNESS!  They allowed it…, and so…, their own children with pay them back by killing them when they no longer feel the need to care for them.

(After all…, there is NO GOD)

America, America!   You made this mess!   This mess is the result of not getting ANGRY about what the Socialists and the Progressives were doing behind your backs!

And now…, years have gone by and your own children have horrible ideas and beliefs that place no value on love, no value on life, and no value on truth!  And so now we live in a culture where:

  • Freedom of Speech has to go
  • Religion has to go
  • Guns have to go
  • Personal Freedom has to go
  • The Constitution has to go
  • The Bill of Rights has to go
  • Christian Values have to go
  • Conservative Values have to to

America…, are you PROUD of what you have NOT DONE in the last 30 years to teach the young people properly?

There is still time!

Get off your a**, and start talking to young people! Start teaching them about LOVE and GOD and TRUTH!  Give something to these kids to hold onto!  Pay attention to them so they can learn something decent and moral!

Tell them that what their teachers are saying is WRONG!


Your own life may soon depend on it!

All my love….


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