To “decide” equals to “choose”.

To “decide” means to “cut off all other options”.

Here are the origins of the word:

1350-1400; Middle English deciden < Middle French decider < Latin dēcīdere literally, to cut off, equivalent to dē- de- + -cīdere (combining form of caedere to cut)

When we decide, we cut off and remove all other options!  We CHOOSE!

Every moment of every day we are making choices and thus we are deciding!  In truth…, this is deeply connected to ESOTERIC SCIENCE.  Since in esoteric science the “reality” that we see, is being created collectively by ALL OF US!

By our “choices” we are bringing forth into manifestation what it is that we will SEE as our reality.   The missing part of the puzzle (an important one to be sure) is that NOT CHOOSING is also a choice.

By not taking any action…, the very “act” of doing that is a vote for the status quo…, or rather a vote for the way things are already happening!


This is a rule of the physical reality that we live in!  When you “cut away” at any material substance…, then what remains is what you will see!

Sculptors are very knowledgeable in this ESOTERIC IDEA.

The most famous sculptors spend weeks “cutting away” the part of the rock that they don’t want…, and only leaving the part of the rock they do want!  What is left is the complete “image made manifest” of whatever they were sculpting.

There is NO CLEARER EXAMPLE of this physical law at work in reality.

In order to “see” something manifest into physical reality…, (BY LAW) one must “cut away” what one does not want!

In each and every “choice” we as human beings make…, we CUT away at reality by getting rid of what we don’t want!   Why does it work this way again?

Because when we DECIDE…, we are “cutting off” all other options.  So indeed, when we choose…, WE ARE DECIDING!  (Every second of our lives we are making choices).

However…, AGAIN…, know this:

Not choosing is still choosing!   Making NO CHOICE, is choosing to go along with whatever the rest of the collective chooses and thus makes manifest.

If you “think” that it is safer not to make a choice…, then let’s look at an example:

You are a passenger on the TITANIC…, and it is sinking.  You have a choice!  You can choose to jump over the side and take your chances in the cold and freezing water…, OR, you can choose to do NOTHING and go down with the ship.

By NOT choosing to jump over the side…, you ARE choosing to go down with the ship.


Let those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see, know this truth.




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  1. Thank you Bradley for your healing words. The topics you write about, I think about all the time but they are thoughts just spinning around in my head like a whirling dervish. When I read what you write, my mind stops whirling and I am seeing what I’m thinking in front of me.
    Thank you for your perseverance in getting your words out!! You keep leading us to the water and eventually we will drink…and we will think it was our own idea!!
    As a healer, I literally lead people to water and they still won’t drink!! Then one day they come in and say, “Hey, I think I should drink more water, what do you think?”. While shaking my head on the inside I say “Great idea!” And I love them all the way until their next great idea about wellness.
    Thank you for hanging in there with us!!! Keep writing!!!
    Love Always

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