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What kind of people just stand idly by and do nothing while perfect evil is taking place right in front of them?

(Say for instance a child being abused in a really evil way…, but keeping quiet about it due to “National Security” reasons…)

Questions like these are really important to ask ourselves…, and yet the answers would most likely cause the biggest shock of your entire life if we were to be honest!

If you are looking for “bad guys” who wear “lavish uniforms” made out of designer fabrics and have their names written on them in golden thread…, then I’m sorry…, that only happens in fantasy’s!

On the other hand, in real life…, the “bad guys” wear normal clothes…, suits and ties…, and hold real jobs.

They just do really EVIL, EVIL THINGS.

The simple answer to this seemingly complicated question is not in any way easy to for most people to hear…, but if you want the answer to this important question…, I say do this:



If you look deeply into the mirror, then you’ll find all of your answers!

Although truthfully…, you probably don’t really want to see these answers because once you do…, you’ll be totally ashamed!

Again…, just “who” are these really BAD PEOPLE that are causing all of the problems both here on Earth…, and out there in the Galaxy??

And why, pray tell, why do they do the sick and sadistic things that they do?

  • Is there some sort of “energy” or “sustenance” that they need or want that we as human beings could never “imagine” is possible ??
  • Or, are “they” working with certain other beings who need or want some sort of “energy” that we as human beings don’t know about??


Is our “genetics” or our “base code” somehow very important to these beings?   How would “they” even be able to gain access to the base code (genetics) of human beings??

What if I told you that “they” were SELLING THAT BASE CODE to other beings in the Galaxy for “profit” ??

Wait…, What…, say that again??

Okay…, let’s rephrase…

If you were a “SECURITY GUARD”…, let’s say working somewhere in the UNDERGROUND…

Do you think that this kind of “sale” of a human beings “base code” might present a NATIONAL/GLOBAL SECURITY RISK TO ALL OF HUMANITY?

Would it be “evil” to you…, or would you just turn and look the other way…, and collect your paycheck??

What kind of people just “hand over” the keys to the Kingdom to anyone and everyone (really dark cosmic players) who might have a lab and a micro-scope and want to run “tests” on the human genetic CODE??


Who are these really BAD GUYS…, and what do they look like??

The answer might surprise you…



So let’s do a short review here…, and then I’ll put it to you again!

What kind of people just stand idly by and do nothing while perfect evil is taking place right in front of them??


  • Do they “enjoy” seeing their fellow human beings suffer?
  • Or, do they think that “they” are special only because they have a fancy uniform, have security badges, work in underground tunnels, and get a great paycheck?
  • What kind of human being could turn away from acts so evil that the very walls of the buildings are screaming out to them for justice??
  • Who is this “type” of human being??
  • What do they look like??
  • How are they dressed??
  • What clothes do they wear??

Glass of milk anyone??


The mirror…, NEVER lies…



Why is it that all of the most “nasty” things that happen in America seem to happen UNDERGROUND??

Is it because things that “happen underground” can never be seen by the general public…, and so…, they simply don’t exist??

But WHO paid for all of these Underground facilities…, and therefore WHO owns them?

Why is it that the people who do the WORST SORTS OF EVIL…, always justify what they are doing by claiming that:

I’m only doing  my job…, I’m only following orders…

As if a paycheck is somehow worth going against millions of years of established morals, ethics, and codes of human behavior that have been handed down between human beings from generation to generation going back so far in time…, that no one can honestly remember when it all started….

Yes…, a “paycheck” and “doing your job”…, that is the lame excuse for taking a wrecking ball to millions of years of established moral code that spans a Vast Universe so large and so grand that the mind can’t even grasp the enormity of it all….

Glass of milk anyone??





What “type” of human being stands by while perfect evil is taking place all around them??

  • What kind of human being is that??
  • How do they dress??
  • What do they look like??


More will be coming…

Think Deeply…..




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