By: Bradley Loves


What we are now seeing taking place within the Halls of Power and within the Bowels of  Governments all across the world is something that we never thought that we’d see in our entire lifetimes.  

In America, the impeachment of Donald Trump is just the“tip of the ice-berg” of something taking place that is so epic – mere words can not adequately describe it.

This “something” is an INTERNAL STRUGGLE for the control of the world’s Governments, and this struggle is taking place between two different major factions of power.

One faction can be considered to be “White Hats” or “Moderates” that work inside of  the Federal Government, and also work inside of the countless manifold Agencies that surround that Government.

The other faction is the “Secret Society/New World Order/Luciferian” faction – a faction that also works inside of these very same Governmental Departments and Agencies world-wide – but also has very different loyalties, and has even sworn secret oaths to Lucifer and keeps allegiances to the Dark Magicians who are behind the New World Order!

This is what Donald Trump and Q-Anon have aptly named:  THE SWAMP

So to make a long story short, what you now have is a “CIA” that is “at war” with itself, inside of it’s own ranks and a “GOVERNMENT” that is “at war” with itself within its own ranks!

So if you turn on the television and seem confused, I want you to know that THIS is what is taking place!  Anything you are being “told” by the MEDIA, is simply “spin” and “Fake News”.

What we have is countless agents – thousands of them – that are “on board” with the White Hats and the good agenda – and then you’ve got countless agents – thousands and thousands of them – who were always on board with the Luciferian/New World Order Agenda – and who are now secretly skulking around inside of their own agencies within the halls of power while trying to do SUBVERSIVE DAMAGE to their own people and their own Government!

Some of the various Intel Agencies to be affected are these:

  • The FBI
  • The DOJ (Department of Justice)
  • The State Department
  • The NSA
  • The NRO
  • The DNI
  • The “other” Intelligence Agencies that no one knows about (17 in total) that I have not listed above, can be found here:


Outside of America – we’ve got other countries involved including “FIVE EYES” and the CEO’s of Major Banks and Global Corporations!

These many agencies are literally AT WAR with themselves, and without putting too much fear into the minds and hearts of my readers, the honest to GODS truth of the matter is that the “fight” they are having behind the scenes will decide the fate of the entire world!

It is not just me saying this however!

Even George Soros – a man who is very highly connected to the New World Order – is visibly “worried” – and has made the same statement at DAVOS – a place in Switzerland where he feels comfortable enough to let his hair down, and has said in no uncertain terms that the election of 2020 will most likely decide the fate of the entire world!

George Soros in Davos: 2020 Election Will Determine ‘Fate of the World’

Almost no one could have guessed or realized just a few decades ago that for years and years, the Illuminati/Luciferians were preparing for a World-Wide takeover, and as part of this preparation were slowly infiltrating and stacking tens of thousands of their own people into very important Governmental positions world-wide who had sworn “secret oaths” to Lucifer and to the Illuminati!

They did this through – you guessed it – SECRET SOCIETIES!!!

These people have been “pretending” to take honest “oaths” to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and to uphold the “Rule of Law” – while the entire time they had already taken previous oaths to their own Secret Societies to do exactly the opposite!!

Their intention was to fully DESTROY the Constitution of the United States of America – and to fully DESTROY our sacred country from within!

One just wonders if these are the very same “families” that destroyed all previous Empires from within – and have been at this “game” for thousands of years or more?

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing – Satanists walking in the halls of major world Governments!

This is the type of thing that we hear about in children stories, but never think we will ever have to face because this kind of thing just does not happen in real life – or does it?

  • The “good news” is that their plot has been discovered or uncovered!  
  • The “bad news” is that they are not going to go down quietly or without a massive fight!  

They have been preparing for a very long time!

These Luciferians have not been working for just decades, but for hundreds of years behind the scenes while setting up their “perfect plot” – their “perfect takeover bid” of the entire world.  

They fully believed that they would NEVER be discovered if they just moved slowly and patiently enough.  

Dumbing down the people and the world’s populations was a very important part of the plot – and that is why putting ONLY very liberal/progressive/satanic teachers into the educational system at all levels was very important to them.

They started this in earnest in the 1980’s and worked hard to get two full generations into the public across the entire world that were wholly MIND CONTROLLED toward Socialist Ideologies!


And now that their plot has been discovered and uncovered – at the last moment no less – they are adamant that they are not going to give up without a HUGE FIGHT!

Everyone currently living on the Earth who is not a Luciferian – and everyone who is not on board with the New World Order – IS NOW CONSIDERED TO BE AN ENEMY!

Thus you see the “banning” and “shadow banning” of millions of articles, videos, and blog posts located on thousands of Alternative Media Websites and Blogs – as well as on almost ALL of the Social Media platforms! 

You see BIG TECH CORPORATIONS like: You-Tube ?, Twitter ?, Face-book ?, Insta-gram ?, Google ?, Apple ?, Vimeo ?,  and many others censoring and banning TRUTHFUL content right and left in a massive display of abject hatred for those who are standing their ground and fighting against the New World Order and the wholly Satanic Ideologies that it represents and wants to bring into manifestation onto our world.

Literally blindsided by this huge fight that is happening within the agencies and governments of our world – the common man and woman who are simply trying to run a Blog, a Website, or a You-Tube Channel are dumbfounded as to what is happening and why they are very suddenly being targeted!


“Without the “WHY” of any question – you have no power!” – The Merovingian (MATRIX)

While half of what he says in this video clip is propaganda – the one thing he does say that is totally Cosmically correct is that without the “ANSWER TO WHY” – you are powerless to change anything because you don’t know what you are doing.

Cue this video to exactly 3:33 to exactly 4:20 and listen to what he says!

As the “Merovingian” so aptly says – you MUST strive to find out the “WHY” of what is going on around you!  You can not simply just “follow orders”!


The biggest “lie” in the video above is that we can not CHANGE our fate!  We can in fact change BOTH our fate – AND our entire reality!



However, the “SWAMP” is now fighting back…

The “memo” has not yet reached the mailboxes of countless decent men and women running local News Blogs and Websites that “they” are now considered to be an ENEMY of the New World Order and it is because of this very reason (the why) that their News Sites, Blogs, Websites, and Channels are being “taken out” with Military Style Precision!

Their years of work and years of effort into making perhaps thousands of videos and uploading them to You-Tube are being taken out in one fell swoop with the effectiveness of a BOMB – or what is akin to a full blown military style “attack” upon their means of communication and self expression!

According to the Luciferians:  FREE SPEECH HAS GOT TO GO!!

NO INVASION begins in earnest until all of the most important lines of communication within the adversaries camp has been either severed or neutralized!  

By cutting the lines of communication and damaging an “enemies” ability to talk to its own troops – the INVADING ARMY is softening the field of battle and getting it ready for the MAIN ATTACK!


That most of the “sheeple” can still not see that TWITTER, YOU-TUBE, GOOGLE,  INSTA-GRAM, APPLE, and FACEBOOK consider them to be real enemies – and thus have very literally  “attacked them” military style by banning their content, goes to show me that millions and millions of average people world wide do not understand what WAR REALLY IS!

This means that even when they are out and out “attacked” – they just don’t realize that it was done with a military like purpose – because they were considered to be legitimate targets of war by the opposing side!

Time to put your BIG BOY and BIG GIRL pants on people and “Get in the Game” – things are about to get far MORE INTENSE!

Just remember this:  This is YOUR WORLD

If “you” do not want to do anything to “save it” – then please tell me WHY any advanced species or  group from OFF WORLD should want to save it for you?

If “you” can not bring yourself to do any of the “work” to fight for your FREEDOM from enslavement – they WHY should “off worlders” fight your battle for you?

Any New Agers out there care to make a comment?

All my love….


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