The “WAR” that is going on between those who support LUCIFER and those who support GOOD on this Earth is a FIGHT TO THE DEATH!


This is something that I have been saying from the very first moment that I started my BLOG!

Unfortunately…, it took David Wilcock 4 or 5 FULL YEARS to come clean and to basically tell the world exactly what I was saying with my very first article!

Oh well…, better late than NEVER!

As you will see in this video from David…, this is the level of their resolve…, and why I can not “tolerate” any kind of NEW AGE  mumbo jumbo here on this blog.   “WE” collectively are AT WAR for our very lives…, and people who dont’ see that are just in the way!

I’m almost certain that David’s “motivation” to finally OPEN UP TOTALLY (quit pussy footing around) came from his huge disappointment at GIAM TELEVISION where he finally realized that he was going to be betrayed by the very people he was working for.

They “used” his testimony in a TV show (against his will) where they were going to fully SUPPORT LUCIFER as the real GOD!

Once this happened…, he changed quite a bit, and is now much more forth coming (less “self” interested).

It’s a victory for those of us who have ALWAYS told the truth right from the very beginning.

Either wake up…, or get out of the way!

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