By: Bradley


THANK YOU SO MUCH to the precious people who have already helped this blog by sending Love Donations.  Thus far, the total amount is about 600 US dollars…., which is FAR SHORT of the necessary amount to get through the summer.

If you have been coming here to read at all…, and enjoy what I write…, or think that it is important…, then please consider donating and be “generous” so that I may continue to do what I feel is VITAL work.

I could spend my time in construction from 9 to 5…, but WHO pray tell is going to be able to write what NEEDS to be said?

Just a quick word about my finances.  My base of operations is very low key, and I have bought myself a small travel trailer which is in the Southwest of the Country.

This is not extravagant living in any sense of the word…, and the ONLY REASON I am living like this…, is to have the “free time” to run this blog.


I’d like to set a “fund raising” goal instead of asking for monthly donations…, which really don’t seem to work because people are very busy and simply forget.

As usual…, you can help me financially by sending Love Donations to my PayPal account from your own Paypal account.  Or, you can just send me a check.  My account inside of Paypal is my e-mail address:

I will be putting this fund raising goal, and other information on the DONATE PAGE in the header.  I will also “track” where we are in the total amount which stands at $600.00

All my love…






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