By: Bradley

Just a quick word about my finances.  My base of operations is very low key, and I have bought myself a small travel trailer which is in the Southwest of the Country.

This is not extravagant living in any sense of the word…, and the ONLY REASON I am doing it…, is to have the “free time” to run this blog.

I did take a 6 week construction project earlier this year…, and as most of you are aware…, I was “away” from the blog for almost a full month or more!

That is how it goes when I have to “work” from 9 to 5.

I just don’t have the time to do this…, which is something that I see as vitally important to the world!

There are only about “5” or “6” people (at this time) who are still honoring their promise and sending 20 dollar donations monthly (some send a little more) …, which amounts 100 to 150 dollars.

Now I don’t know about you…, but I know that isn’t going to keep my blog in operation for much longer.

I’d like to set a “fund raising” goal instead of asking for monthly donations…, which really don’t seem to work.

I’m not trying to “get rich” by doing this…, far from it…, I’m trying to set the world free!   But…, I do need YOUR HELP!

Every article that I write…, even the small ones takes time!  Some take 2 hours…, some take 3 hours.

If I post videos…, I have to watch them first to see if they contain anything that I want my readers to see and hear.

You get the picture…., this all takes time.  So in order to not have to depend upon 5 or 6 monthly donations (and to those 6 people who continue to send donations…, you have my sincere “gratitude”) I’d like to set a fund raising goal that will carry me through the summer and into the fall.

Let’s set the goal at an achievable $4,500.00  which will help with several months worth of living expenses.

As usual…, you can help me financially by sending Love Donations to my PayPal account from your own Paypal account.  Or, you can just send me a check.  My account inside of Paypal is my e-mail address:

I will be putting this fund raising goal, and other information on the DONATE page in the header.  I will also “track” where we are in the total amount.

For now…, once again…, to those handful of very ardent and dependable supporters…, you have no idea how much your financial support means to me!  I could not be doing this without YOUR HELP.






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