By: Bradley Loves


I have noticed that the Youtube sensation “DARK JOURNALIST” (Daniel Lizst) has recently put out some very questionable videos – extolling the virtues of Helena Blavatsky – Annie Besant – and Alice Bailey!

It is almost as if this guy has suddenly become a “paid advocate” of the NEW AGE teachings that they espoused!

As “in depth” as he claims his research has become…, he conspicuously leaves out the very pertinent FACT that all of these people are LUCIFERIANS!

He also leaves out their total inter-connectedness to FREEMASONRY and the MASONIC agenda!

In the past, Lizst has given out some really good information, but now he is totally on the wrong track in my opinion, and HAS GONE OFF OF THE DEEP END!

You can not possibly “defend” Theosophy and it’s 3 main ring leaders:

  • Blavatsky
  • Besant
  • Bailey

Without first calling attention to the greater LUCIFERIAN Agenda they are all a part of!

What is even MORE disturbing, is that he talks about how Annie Besant at one point tried to HIDE KNOWLEDGE and TECHNOLOGY from the common people (knowledge that she did not think humanity was ready for) and astonishingly…, he AGREED with her assessment!

In NO uncertain terms, he said he believed she was “probably”  correct to want to hide both knowledge and technology from the masses!

It almost sounds to me like he has become a “cheerleader” for secret keeping!

This is just a HEADS UP for those of you who like to watch the videos of Daniel Lizst, because IF this is the best that he can do in his research, then I’m sorry…, he is NOT digging deep enough!

Countless people have said that only “MEN” can become MASONS, and therefore, women have NEVER BEEN MASONS…

Oh really?

Other people have said that the “CLERGY”, and most certainly the POPE, have nothing to do with Masonry!

Oh really?

Like Q -Anon said:


Anonymous ID: 151300 No.1189008 ?

Is Q retarded? Their flags are completely different…
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 4da1a4 No.1189217 ?

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Try harder.
Ready for tomorrow?


If you are going to be “involved” in doing research and in bringing TRUTH to humanity…, then you’ve got to TRY HARDER!


Because just as badly as you want to bring TRUTH to humanity, there are countless others who are DESPERATE to keep humanity in the DARK!

They have blogs too!   They have websites!  They have an agenda!




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