By: Bradley Loves


Here is a special “gift” on the Eve of the Publication of:


Many of you probably laughed when I wrote that I was writing my “blog” for a group of very dedicated “TIME TRAVELERS”!

First off…, “DISREGARD” the negativity of the videos creator.  It was most likely created by the DEEP STATE!

Which makes it all the more powerful of a video since the DEEP STATE – “also” uses TIME TRAVEL!!

We are in the middle of TIME TRAVEL WARS!

This video even though it may go over-board…, it does so to get AHEAD of the TRUTH of time-travel itself.

This is the very way they take something serious and make it look CARTOONISH!

Well…, take 30 minutes out of your day…, and watch every second of this video VERY CAREFULLY!  There is much TRUTH HERE!

Who is laughing now???


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