By: Bradley Loves


Well, I’ve said it before, and I will say it again…, almost every GLOBALIST OLIGARCH is heavily investing in and funding VIDEO GAME TECHNOLOGY!

This can not be an accident!!

Even Jeffrey Epstein for crying out loud was a huge supporter and investor in video gaming technology!  He was discussing major innovations with very well known scientists and global leaders!!


Elon Musk, Bill Gates and many other billionaires are up to their necks in A.I., Vitrual Reality, and Video Gaming Technology!

So what is so damned important that needs their money and support as GLOBALISTS?

The answer is:  HAPTICS

This is the technology that allows a player to actually FEEL the game, not just see it on a viewing screen!

”TESLA” now has full body HAPTIC SUITS which Gamers can wear and the suit allows them to feel both heat and cold inside of a game as well as sensation of touch anywhere on their bodies, or even a strike or a blow if a character inside of a game hits them.

See this video:


Now…, not only does the Tesla Suit allow you to feel sensations…, it can actually TAKE OVER YOUR BODY and move your muscles for you!

Now I am going to let you in on a little secret!

This is something that Shane Bales (aka THE RUINER) told me quite a while ago, but told me to keep it quiet!

He said that putting people into a MATRIX like environment was a big priority for the Illuminati!

They wanted to create a SIMULATION or VIRTUAL WORLD that millions of people would want to go into that THEY (The Illuminati) COULD THEN CONTROL!

What is available for sale on the open market and what has actually already been developed are two very different things!  It is a lot further along than most people realize!

In the above video, the kid talks about the movie READY PLAYER ONE!

In this movie…, the entire world is in ruins, and young kids have nothing to do and no place to go.  However there is an entire VIRTUAL UNIVERSE that they can live their lives in simply by putting themselves into a Virtual Reality Suit!

See this clip:


Ask yourself this question!  Why is every major BILLIONAIRE GLOBALIST funding this stuff?

What are their plans for humanity?

According to Shane, it is to have a place to put people where their minds can still be very active, and they can actually DO WORK and SOLVE TASKS (data entry) (records keeping) (legal stuff) all from inside a VIRTUAL REALITY WORLD…, but their bodies are all stacked up in huge warehouses where they are not a “problem” for the rich and elite people who want to have a world uncluttered of too many human beings!

Why are they in such a rush to develop this stuff?

Why are people like George Soros funding it??

Could Shane be right?

Could it be that “they” are working overtime to develop a VIRTUAL WORLD where they can put surplus human beings who are going to do all of the future “busy work” and leave all of the heavy lifting in the REAL WORLD to ROBOTS and MACHINES??

If so.., the entire planet would then be FREE OF HUMAN BEINGS walking around and only the RICH and PRIVILEGED would be left with 50,000 acre ranches and lots of servants and slaves to take care of their every whim.

The rest of the overflow population would simply end up living  just like we saw in the MATRIX!

Be Warned!  We need to watch what these people are doing!!


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