Over the last 8 years, I have consistently attempted to inform everyone of the monumental problems that we face as a race and as a species here on Earth.

I’ve exposed the Satanic element that was hiding behind the scenes and pretending to work for the rest of us (while instead it was secretly working directly against us).

I’ve exposed not just a little bit of corruption, but instead I’ve shown you that the corruption is literally EVERYWHERE – and that it is massively systemic to all the systems that we depend on to work for us and to treat us fairly.

If these systems had not been exposed and had been left to do what they pleased, they would have eventually killed 90 percent of the worlds’ population and enslaved anyone who was left standing.

I’ve shown you that this corruption is based on an “old world religion” that delves into Black Magic, Child Sacrifice, the Conjuring and Summoning of Demons, the use of Gateways and Portals to other places and to other Realms, as well as the control and creation of fictions that don’t exist and then giving them status as “living things” while taking actual living things and pretending that they are dead, (and on and on and on…)

I’ve tried to be a teacher and to kindly show anyone who came here to read – “the way”.

What I’ve shared with everyone was very hard to hear!  It was difficult to accept because all of it was hidden behind thick cloaks of secrecy.

  • It was all right there in front of you – but you did not SEE IT.
  • It was being talked about all around you – but you did not HEAR IT.
  • The “signs” were everywhere – but you did not NOTICE THEM.


So, I have worked really hard to bring it all to your attention.  As a result of exposing all of this – I had to pay the price.  The price was extreme, but I have no regrets for trying.

What I gave out freely to humanity had, and still has, the potential to save the entire world and the human race!

However, the cost to me and my own family has been quite extensive and almost impossible to calculate. 

Telling the whole TRUTH in world that is run by liars and thieves has a cost.

That cost is being “blacklisted”, “targeted”, and “tormented” non-stop by people that everyone thinks are there to help them.  (They are not).

You will see (in the end) that everything I said and wrote here (and so much more that I have yet to say and write) will be vindicated and proven truthful.

But in order to keep going…, I need YOUR help!

Because of being targeted and having to deal with fake and fraudulent charges directed against me through the courts, I am not able to work a regular job any longer.  There have been 3 attempts on my life in the last 4 years.

The only  support that I get is from my readers and those who support the truth.  A handful of readers have been helping by sending me love donations, but if I am going to survive, I simply need more (especially if I am to get through the winter that is coming).

I am making a plea to those who read here and are able to send love donations, to please do so today!  Unlike other truthers that you may be familiar with – I do not have any outside support at all, and everything I get comes directly from my readers.

  • If you think that I must be raking it in and have lots to spare – I don’t! 
  • If you think that hundreds of other people are already donating – they are not.

I have just barely enough to go from one month to the next.

This unfortunate circumstance has come about due to the fact that I started writing in order to hopefully save humanity from a horrible fate, and I came up against those who did not want humanity saved!

I did this all for you!

It is also a dangerous one to be sure.

So, if you are a regular reader, and have not yet helped with any support but can afford to do so, then please consider donating in order to keep Love Truth Site up and running through the next several months.

Finally, to the handful of people who have already sent love donations or do so on a regular and ongoing basis – you have my endless gratitude!  Without you – I would not be here and writing today.  Also, I would not be able to potentially help so many people and save so many lives.  I simply would not have survived.

You are true hero’s and warriors for the TRUTH.

All my love

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