Without these kinds of people, our cultures and our societies here on Earth could not function.  In the Bible, Jesus speaks of these types of people specifically and calls them the SALT OF THE EARTH.

He used this specific metaphor because salt is very important to life.  It is a vital element that in many cases cannot be gone without.

When I say that people who come to Love Truth Site are the salt of the Earth, I am using the same metaphor that Jesus used.  What I am saying is that you are the people that must be here on the Earth in order to keep life going and operating smoothly! 

Without people like you, life on Earth could simply not continue!

The types of people that Jesus was referring to are moral, ethical, down to Earth, logical, kind, hard-working, and loyal.  They love the truth and are opposed to lies and deceit.  They fight for fairness, righteousness, and justice.

These people are generally conservative in their natures and dearly love God our Great Creator.

These types of people are very literally the SALT of the Earth.

If a pot of soup has no salt in it, then it becomes tasteless and very difficult to eat.

In the same way, life on Earth would be difficult to digest and hard to live if there were no people of the kind I just described above.

So what happens if all of the people in the world who used to be the salt of the Earth lose their taste?  What happens if these people who used to be moral, ethical, down to Earth, kind, hard-working and loyal stop doing what the Earth needs them to do?

Then they become worthless to the world, and just as Jesus said are good for nothing but to be trampled underfoot!

Salt that no longer has any taste is not good for anything and must be thrown out because it is no longer able to do its job or to complete its function.

Jesus was 100 percent correct in what he said.  It is the good, the kind, the honest, the loving, and the truthful people (the common people) who are the salt of the Earth and they are vitally important to the Earth as a whole.  These people are very necessary to keep the Earth on it’s course and to keep life moving forward toward a higher and more godly level.

In the very same way that Jesus spoke all of those years ago, I am saying that all of my readers here at Love Truth Site are the SALT OF THE EARTH.

Even though you may not think so, or even though you may have had others ridicule you and say bad things about you because you come to this particular blog and read what I write here…, you are still very necessary to the pot of soup and actually provide a vital function to the operation of humanity as a whole. 

Never diminish your own importance to those around you, and never let anyone else tell you that reading here at Love Truth Site is wrong, silly, or evil.

Without SALT, the entire pot of soup is tasteless and worthless.  In the very same way – without THE TRUTH – the lives people are living in our Earthly societies and cultures become tasteless and worthless.



God is very wise.  He knows that a large pot of soup only takes a small portion of salt to make it right, and so He has sent SALT to the Earth in the form of people.  People who LOVE THE TRUTH and people who are willing to READ THE TRUTH and people who are willing to SHARE THE TRUTH.

This is the vital role that people who come to Love Truth Site to read and learn play here on the Earth and this is why it does not matter if there are millions of readers, or tens of thousands of readers, or just a few thousand readers. 

A little bit of salt goes a very long way in the end!  And, you as a reader here at Love Truth Site are very necessary in God’s eyes.  And that is why I Thank all of you so very much for coming here, for reading here, for learning here, and for being so very loyal to the Truth (even if people ridicule you and call you crazy for doing so).

Never be afraid to be who God made you to be 0h dear Salt of the Earth, because you not just the salt, but you are also the Light!

You are the light to a world that is in desperate need of light.  You are the guiding light that keeps them safe in the STORM.  Never hide that light, because by your light (the light of truth) those who have lost their way will survive.

Thank you once again for continuing to come to read, to learn, and to grow at Love Truth Site.  You are important beyond your imagination.

All my love


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