By: Bradley Loves

Notice to my readers…, this post is NOT for you!  So kindly disregard!


Question: Have you figured it out yet?


Ambrosia:  noun

Classical Mythology: The Food of the Gods.

  • Something especially delicious to taste or smell.

If there was a “substance” that could make people live “forever”…, then would that substance then be comparable to – FOOD FOR THE GODS??

Question: What is it that the Satanists are really after??

Question:  If it was your goal to live on Earth, inside of a human body forever, and you never wanted to die…, what would you be willing to do?

Question:  What if you found out through Arcane Black Magic that the blood of young children contained a “VITAL ESSENCE” that would not only prolong human life, but would heal almost any disease or affliction that an aging human might encounter?


Question:  In the rather “infamous” Story (which always starts in an Underground Tunnel) what EXACTLY did those running THE ISLAND want from little Jamie??

Think outside of the Box!

In what way does “THE STORY” tell us how World Elites view young children?

Can you imagine a worse fate for a child?  Can you imagine a place being dedicated to harvesting and collecting the VITAL ESSENCE of children only so that really rich, elite, world leaders can drink it like a beverage?

How convenient that NET-FLIX has come out with an entire series based upon the DARK CRYSTAL!

Think of the “Gelflings” in the Dark Crystal Movie as:  Humanity’s CHILDREN

So…, in the Movie the DARK CRYSTAL – THE RESISTANCE…, what EXACTLY are the evil Skeksis (aka Nazi’s) – trying to extract from the little Gelflings?

And once this substance is extracted…, what are they trying to achieve with that extraction??

Now…, think back to THE STORY…, and to Little Jamie and his plight!

How does the New Net Flix Series: Dark Crystal-The Resistance – tell us exactly what was being done to him?

  • Who EXACTLY were his captors?
  • What were they trying to get from him?
  • What was the purpose of his imprisonment?
  • Did they “believe” that keeping him captive would benefit them in some way that no one normal human being could possibly imagine or conceive of ?

Question: Is it POSSIBLE that “The Story” (unpublished) is not really a “story” at all?

See This: 

NET-FLIX (now under direct control of the Obamas) also came out with THIS:

Look you guys (and gals)…, I’m just one man…, and I don’t even get PAID like you people do!  I’m broke compared to every single one of you!

I am not going to do YOUR JOBS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you don’t want to do even a tiny bit of research and figuring this out on YOUR OWN!

See this video made by Alex Jones:


I’ve tired to upload a direct link to this video, however, very conveniently,  the video is totally blocked if you try to link directly to it!!  (Try it for yourself, and find out which one of your Deep State Buddies are doing it)

So, please find it on this page on YOUR OWN!  Scroll down to the video that Alex Jones did on the DARK CRYSTALFEATURES ADRENOCHROME and VAMPIRISM and press the link!  I can NOT put a direct link to it because the entire video VANISHES each time I do!

Alex Jones is not as crazy as people make him out to be!  Finally…, Dear “Code-Breakers”…., READ THIS SERIES:

BIGGER FISH TO FRY…, and start with this one in particular…


Nothing more needs to be said about this (IF) you will only connect the dots and DO YOUR DAMN JOBS!

Final Questions:  

  • How do you get people to see what you want them to see??
  • How do you REALLY get people to see what you want them to see if they don’t even know you exist??
  • Would Jesus have done any less??
  • Is saving the entire world worth personal suffering and attack??


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