By: Bradley Loves


In these “times” of the Great Unveiling…, aka (Armageddon) …, countless Alternative News Stories and Videos about many things are being made.  Articles are being written…, AND…, (once again) Channeled Messages are being Channeled and then “posted” on the Internet.

Here is my “take”…, and my position on these things.

Just because someone makes a “video” that says this or that…, does NOT MAKE IT TRUE!

I watch countless videos…, and do not think that because someone MADE a video that says this or that…, that it “must” be the TRUTH.

Many of my readers are sending me videos to watch and hopefully post…, but after watching them, I find that I do not agree with some…, or much of it.

You see…, in NEW AGE circles…, this is called: DISCERNMENT…, or in everyday common language…, JUDGEMENT!

I need to “judge” or “discern” what is truthful (or NOT) based upon my own knowledge…, heart…, mind and ultimately SOUL!

It is NOT appropriate to listen to everything…, everyone says…, but then, never THINK DEEPLY or THINK LOGICALLY about it.

I DO need to think…, and then come to my own conclusions.

This approach also very much applies to Channelers…, and to Channeled Messages!

I read many, many posts from Channelers…, who have just posted…, a “brand new” Channeled Message claiming that it’s an “update” from the beyond!

My response to these messages is this:

I will read it…, and then THINK carefully and logically about it…, and then decide for MYSELF if there is any truth in that message at all…, PERIOD.

Just because someone says…, well…, I’ve just “channeled” an “angel”…, so therefore you “must” listen to…, and “believe” this message BECAUSE of who the ENTITY claims to be….

My response to that line of thinking……. BUNK!  That is absolute BUNK!

NO ONE…, should just listen to…, and “believe” a single post on the internet…, because it is “labeled” a Channeling.., or a Channeled Message.

As I said in an earlier post on this blog…, or rather “asked” in an earlier post…, please STOP READING and LISTENING TO CHANNELED MESSAGES.

The reason I did so…, is that it is my opinion that people can not just “read them” and still think critically and intelligently any longer.  They have lost almost all perspective.

If you can still read them AND think logically with a questioning mind…, then by all means read them.

But IF you go into reading these messages with the idea that since the message (supposedly) comes from the beyond…, it is therefore beyond all QUESTIONING…, then please STOP reading them.

You are no longer able to think critically, and have succumbed and surrendered yourself into another RELIGION.

Our collective responsibility (while we are here) is to separate the TRUTH…, from the BULLSHIT!

That is what we are here to do…, that is ALL we are here to do!

We are here to bring forward the TRUTH!

We can not do this…, if we have LOST our ability to think for ourselves…, and have surrendered our MINDS…, and once again…, just BLINDLY “BELIEVE”….

So the way I operate…, is to watch videos…, read posts and articles…, interview real people…, and yes…, read channeled material…, then CHOOSE for myself…, whether or not…, it has ANY truth in it at all based upon my OWN intelligent discernment.

Just because a video was made…, an article written, a website says it…, or a Channeled Entity “proclaims it”…, DOES NOT MAKE IT THE TRUTH.

I am able to write (as I do) by drawing upon a lifetime of background knowledge and intel that has been “gathered” since the very moment I got here over 50 years ago.

Everything that I’ve experienced and learned has helped me in doing this.

There are NO SACRED COWS…, and there is NO SUCH THING as something that can not be questioned!

Especially…, teachings of the NEW AGE!

TRUTH can be found…, TRUTH can be known…,

but it is found and known inside of my HEART…, not in the words printed on pages…, and certainly not in the “proclamations” of Channeled Entities…, who may or may not be telling the TRUTH.

All my love….





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  1. In my opinion the reason people don’t question everything is because that’s the way we are taught from an early age. Listen to the teacher/preacher/doctor or anyone else in authority, they know best.

  2. janicetaylorjaytee

    I think half the problem with listening and reading channelled messages or even any articles or videos people have posted, and believing they are true without critical judgment or logical thinking is because lots of people I think seem to have lost the ability to listen with their souls/hearts – that disconnection between the very tools we have left for helping us to discern truth with what is real, plausable etc. has left most of humanity without the very tools they need to help them discern truth. I would even go so far as to say that I think this is by design also. Getting people to always look outside themselves for their answers has disconnected them from their very hearts and souls, and along with the chemtrails, fluoride and God knows what else, being dumbed down etc. it is surprising that any of us are left with any ability for true discernment. I am not excusing anyone or saying we are not responsible but I do think it is not so easy for a lot of people to discern truth when they are so distracted, so outside of themselves (literally) that they do not think realistically at all and so will relish others supposedly in the know who can tell them what to do, what to think and are easily taken in by what is represented as truth as its so readily available and does not require going inwards for their answers. Plus not a lot of people are able to listen to the horrendous things that are going on and would prefer the nicer stuff, not everyone is ready or able to handle the truth, and can we or should we judge others for this, I battle with this one continuously. Anyway my 10 cents worth……….

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