By: Bradley Loves


I love you GOD, with all my soul…, all my heart…, and all my mind.  Show me the way, the path, to know the TRUTH.  Let me be guided in every way possible to see what you want me to see, to hear what you want me to hear, and to BE what you want me to BE.

I know that you are LOVE…, but LOVE is not enough to change men’s hearts and minds. Only TRUTH is strong enough to break the chains that bind them to their fate. Only TRUTH has to POWER to melt the sadistic programming they have endured.  So please let TRUTH cover the entire world in it’s liberating glow that mankind may forever KNOW.

Let the Earth be healed by our final decision to shun all deception and lies.  Let men once again VALUE honesty and realize that ONLY in telling the TRUTH are they safe…, and only in LOVING each other are they strong.

Give us please the COURAGE to find the TRUTH even though we may have been lied to at every moment, even up until this very moment. Let ONLY the TRUTH from this moment forth be our focus and our goal, for we so dearly LOVE that honesty and integrity that you eternally are!

In LOVING TRUTH, we will save ourselves from the dark fate that comes from deception and ingnorance running wild upon the Earth.





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