I have listened to as many of Gene’s Interviews as I can. 

(At least the free stuff). 

I can say that 95 percent of the time, I honestly agree with what he says.  My connection to the Holy Spirit tells me many of the things that he says, and usually tells me them long before Gene says them.

So there is really never any surprise when I hear him saying things that I have already been shown or told.

That is why I can honestly say that you can trust most of what he says. The only thing that I can say that I have utterly disagreed with is that the JAB can do anything good.  You must (at all costs) stay away from it.

Much of this interview is Gene’s life history and something that he has talked about before, but at the end of the interview is something very important that I’ve been shown to be true by the Holy Spirit and I am glad he at least said it, even if he passed over it very quickly. 

What he said is that some of these very dark souls have crossed the line so badly with God – that he will destroy them.

I have been trying (for many years) to warn those who have joined up with the Cabal and are working for the Dark Side that their leaders” (who do know that God is very real) have thrown the rule book out of the window and have passed the point (way beyond) where He told them specifically that they could never go.

This means that certain souls will be utterly destroyed!

Those Cabal Members who are following these dark regressives have no idea just what kind of real danger they are in right now because no matter what they believe about the eternal battle between light and dark – there are lines which can NEVER be crossed.

There are far worse things than death!

You may ask what actions could have been so very bad that it crossed that kind of line? 

I will give you just one example of the many things that they were told that they could NEVER do:

“THEY” were told that God Emissaries were “hands off” and that other than having to live a normal life here on the Earth while helping other souls to see the truth, these souls could NOT be touched or tortured because they had not earned it! 


Instead of obeying this RED LINE RULE that could never be crossed, they immediately sought these souls out and once they found them, deliberately tortured God’s Volunteer Souls and God’s Emissaries in every way they could think of day and night.  Some they tortured non-stop for decades.

Many of these high level souls are so damaged that it will take God’s own hand to fix what was done to them.

This is just ONE example of the red line that was crossed.  There are others.

There are many “agents” of three letter agencies all over the world who (in their utter stupidity) and their slavish obedience to the dark side willingly did things that their “masters” were told by God could NEVER be done, and therefore will wish they had never been born once they find out that what they were “ordered” to do – (and took money for doing) was forbidden and has earned them destruction.

This does not just earn “hell” for these souls – it earns them permanent and utter “DESTRUCTION” as if they had never existed.

I also want to bring your attention to another interview that I posted here:


This interview is important to watch (if you can) because of the disclosure of the cloning, soul moving, and soul splitting technologies that were in use by the dark side of the U.S. Military.  It is hard to watch.  I know much of what he is saying is true because of my many long talks that I had with Shane the Ruiner who described this technology to me.  I was curious about it and asked many questions about how it worked and what it could do, and can therefore say that what Mark is describing is exactly what I was told.

The best part of the interview however comes at the end of Part Two (if you can get that far). 

He talks about a soul agreement that he had (before he was born) to allow higher density positive beings to see through his eyes and to RECORD everything that was being done to him and everything that he saw.

This recorded information will be used AGAINST the Deep State and the against the Dark Side in Cosmic Level Proceedings which will see their souls cast into Cosmic Prisons!  (After they die).

What the deep state and their evil masters forgot is that God (The Great Creator) is in charge of absolutely everything in this Universe and that HIS RULES are final.  They can not decide to play a game – and then when they find they can’t actually win that game to simply throw the rule book out the window and make up their own rules.

They are not allowed to damage other players just because they can’t win.

There is more going on here than they thought possible.

This is why (in all things) we must never forget God and must never forget that there are limits to what we can do.

Thank you for coming to Love Truth Site and for supporting this important work.

All my love



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