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I’ve written about this before, but it should be repeated one more time for clarity.

Do NOT cherry pick one article over another to read when you come to my blog, and then leave.

I write each article for a purpose, and then use the very next article or post to clarify those statements made previously.  If you choose one out of five articles, and miss the rest, then you actually missed what I was trying to say in the first place.

Sometimes 3 or 4 posts in a row deal with the same subject (as they did yesterday)…, the THEME of which was courage!

Do not skip the videos that I post daily either…, because they are there for a reason and they all add to what is being written on the page for that day.

If you are going to “follow me” then you have to know there is a formula at work here.

Sometimes I will go back to a post made a week or two earlier, and if you are looking hard enough, you will see that the entire week’s postings ( in general) had to do with THAT one article.

That is the way I operate.

For Megan and Tom:

Both of you are wonderful supporters of this blog, and I thank you for that.

As far as TRUMP is concerned, I think you missed my meaning.

Go back, (without emotion) and READ what I said one more time.

I did not say Donald Trump was perfect!  I did not even say he was a “good” man!


I said that he had GREAT COURAGE!

Now, go back to this post:

Read what I said here which is directly to the point:

God requires his “hands” on Earth to have GREAT COURAGE!

Many have been called, but few are there who answer that call!

Those ones that DO answer have tremendous COURAGE and are willing to stand up to and FACE great evil!


Those who answer the call are willing to argue with evil, fight it if they have to, and deal it a death blow!

They are willing to STAND THEIR GROUND for good and for mankind and NEVER BACK DOWN.

There are millions that GOD would have chosen for their love, their kindness and their good works…, BUT…, these men and women HAVE NO COURAGE TO FACE GREAT EVIL.


Donald Trump is very aware that we are FIGHTING against Satanists and Luciferians!

I have been “following” Q Anon from the very beginning, and have spent a lot of time on the Q research board, following what the Anons are doing there.

The ONE SINGLE THING that I can be sure of, due to Q Anon phenomenon, is that Donald Trump KNOWS about the Luciferian Cabal, and is fighting against them.

(If he was not, they would NOT hate him so much, and be so desperately trying to smear him in every way possible)

Now, how that BATTLE takes place, and how it looks and is spun in the MEDIA are two different things.

Also, in battle, you never tip your hand early or show what you are really doing.

In this regard a little bit of trust is necessary.

He has not got “FOREVER”…, but I’ve given him to the end of 2018 to make a DENT in the LUCIFERIAN/SATANIST problem.

I think the difficulty here is that most of my readers (for obvious reasons) have not done the extreme “in depth” study that I have done on Satanism in this country and around the world.

I mean…, why would you,  it is a dark, nasty, and very revolting thing to study.


The depth, the length and the breath of the LUCIFERIAN/SATANIC problem is both stunning,mind boggling and world wide!

It has enmeshed itself into every part of our society and our lives!

It is now in the educational system (the schools), the Government, the Courts, the Justice system, the police, the agencies, the Secret Space Program, ALL RELIGIONS…, and yes even the NEW AGE.


The NEW WORLD ORDER…, is not just an “order” of BANKERS and BUSINESSMEN…, it is an order of hard core LUCIFERIANS who want to get rid of GOD totally, and bring in LUCIFER as the Savior of mankind.

Now…, who on Earth (at this moment in time) has enough COURAGE  to take up the “flag” and to fight this battle?

Remember, Hillary Clinton did her doctoral thesis on SAUL ALINSKY – a man who dedicated his book RULES FOR RADICALS to Lucifer.

John Podesta (her campaign manager) is caught on audio tape raping young children and beating them while he does it! (Using the name Skippy)

I could go on and on and on.

But here is the main point:

There are millions that GOD would have chosen for their love, their kindness and their good works…, BUT…, these men and women HAVE NO COURAGE TO FACE GREAT EVIL.


Not only do they NOT want to face and fight “great evil”…, most don’t even want to KNOW about it.

I will ask you all a simple question.

Trump moved a single building from one city to another city.

An Embassy.

For that, thousands of people RIOTED, and many indeed got killed.

Did Trump shoot them?

How has he got blood on his hands Tom?

Did Trump “invite” those people to riot?  I certainly would not have rioted in front of the embassy or even on the border that day!

Surely you are not suggesting that Trump wanted those people to die?

Yes…, many people got killed, and have been getting killed in the on going battle for Israel.

I think it is so very sad.

But, consider this…, if a “building” had been moved from Cleveland, Ohio, to Detroit, Michigan…, do you think Americans would be rioting over that?

There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG over there in the middle east.

The “people” that were rioting over there are not even thinking straight!

Their MINDS are messed up!  Now, we could get into a debate as to whether mass MIND CONTROL is being used on them to force them to do crazy things, but that is another conversation and at this point I do not think TRUMP is pushing any MIND CONTROL buttons.

Long story short…, THEY got themselves killed, and TRUMP had nothing to do with that.

He made a POLICY decision that many other Presidents wanted to make, but refused to make.  And because he simply okay’d the moving of an Embassy does not put BLOOD on his hands.

Those men who fomented the RIOTS are to blame.

Meanwhile…, nothing in the middle east has changed over many years, and people continue to riot, get shot, and die.

IT IS VERY SAD…, but it is (from my point of view) part of the larger WAR against Satanism.

Moving the Embassy was simply a single chess move on the board, and one which Israel now owes him for.

Perhaps he will USE that favor to avert World War III when the time comes.


The entire NEW AGE is and was a LUCIFERIAN CON!

There was NEVER going to be an “ASCENSION”.  That was a larp, and was put out into the public mind just to get good men and women to stand down so that FINAL TAKEOVER PUSH for the Luciferian/Satanists would be easy.

They were hoping that all those opposed to them would simply stand by and watch without engaging in the BATTLE.


I want there to be love and kindness everywhere!

But, all of the loving and kind people literally left a MONSTER hiding in the shadows (out of FEAR OF IT) for too long and it has now grown so huge, the only way to achieve the love and kindness that we want on the Earth is to DEAL WITH THE MONSTER.

Which monk, who meditates for 8 hours a day, is going to take on and defeat the Luciferian Monster…, which is entrenched itself into every single aspect of our lives and our culture?

Who has the COURAGE to take on the DEEP STATE and try to beat it?

Recommend just ONE OTHER MAN that would have done that – or is capable of doing that and not giving in to the Deep State.

One thing that Donald Trump said in the ART OF THE DEAL is that he is a “FIGHTER”…, and that he loves “BATTLES”!

He never shy’s away from them.  So you tell me WHO better to put in charge of this battle.

Lastly, my support is not a blanket support, but pending!

Which means he has to PROVE HIMSELF every single day.

So far…, I have seen FAR MORE COURAGE from him than I ever saw from the weasel Barack Obama…, (a name that is not even real).

It is Barry Soetoro!

His wife “Michelle” is not even a women (but a man named Micheal) and Obama is GAY!

My own brother (who does business in Chicago) told me that the Police in that city used to call him “BATH HOUSE BARRY” because of all the “gay men’s” bath houses he used to visit when he was a Senator…, and the Chicago PD would know (because they had to PROTECT HIM).

Now.., after knowing all of this, it is not hard to see why I have so little regard for a man who could not even ADMIT to his own name, his childhood background, his country of origin, and that he is totally gay and has another “man” as his wife!

I would much rather have had MILO YIANNOPOLOS as our last President, because at least he is telling us all who he really is, and is being HONEST about it!

In other words…, he is being TRUTHFUL…, and if you look up at the top of my BLOG PAGE…, it says:


I stand by that every single day!  I do NOT believe in lies…, not even in the smallest amount or for ANY reason.  More over, if you have followed me long enough, you’ll have noticed that I do NOT follow the hype!

I pay no attention to the MSM – Main Stream Media – but instead follow only the TRUTH.

Lastly Donald Trump NEVER really wanted to be President of the United States…, he was asked to run by US Military (according to Q).

Watch this video from 1987 – made 30 years ago!

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