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The more and more that I look at the situation we are in…, the more and more it becomes “clear” to me that we as a group have both CAUSED and ALLOWED the world to get into the state of affairs it is in!

FEAR and COWARDESS are the two ugly “diseases” which every player in the game has seemingly caught!  And isn’t it just very interesting that when a player in the game gets a disease the Doctor says they “contracted” it!

Are you kidding me?  Are you absolutely kidding me?  A business term…, and a banking term, is glibly being used to describe the catching of a disease?

We are NOT in Kansas any more Toto!  The magical double speak proves it conclusively.

Mark Passio has said it!  But no one is listening.

David Icke is saying it!  But no one is listening.

Now I am saying it!  I wonder if anyone is listening!

There is more going on than meets the eye in this Matrix-like, Holographic Reality.  And that “MORE” going on is most obviously (to me) and clearly (to me) that WE are collectively creating what we see by our ACTIONS!

I’ve posted three separate Articles from a speech given in 1969 by a man (most obviously a SATANIST) and a supporter of the New World Order, named Dr. Richard Day.

The first one can be read HERE, the second one can be read HERE, and the last one HERE!

I’m really not certain how many readers took the time to read each one carefully, (they are long) but they are also VERY important!  By now, most readers who come here must know that I NEVER post anything that is not truly an important building block in the understanding of what is Happening here on the Earth.

The name of my site shows just how picky I am about what kind of things even get printed on my blog.

If you were one of those who took the time to study these three posts…, you would see clearly that almost ALL of what is happening now…, both in America and around the WORLD, was talked about in uncanny detail in 1969!

The very fact that this information was there, and THEN, (meaning: at that time), suggests also that “WE” have had (as a group) 45 years to put a stop to it and DID NOT DO SO!

If you did in fact read all three posts…, you would see that it was made GRAPHICALLY apparent to those doctors in that room, and on that day, that “things” were going to be done that were IMMORAL, UNETHICAL, INHUMANE, INDECENT, and just plain WRONG!!!!!

There was NOT an industry, nor a sector of business that was not touched upon in his un-holy speech!  So that means that over the largest part of the WORKING PUBLIC…, these horribly criminal,  and truly INSANE objectives had to be “instituted” by millions of average working people…, (an insanely huge majority of AMERICANS themselves), upon all of the rest of their country AND the world!

I DARE YOU…, to tell me I’m wrong!

The ONLY question that needs to be answered is WHY?  If any response to this post is forthcoming…, then the very FIRST paragraph of that comment needs to have a “WHY” at the front of it, before I will even look at it!

Why were, and ARE most Americans still willing to sell their brothers and sisters down the river for a damn PAYCHECK?

See the two words above highlighted in GREEN. 

There is the answer…, and the ONLY answer!

Mark Passio has given us one of the BEST seven minute youtube video’s ever made, and it is a part of his NATURAL LAW SEMINAR.

IF you have already taken the time to read ALL THREE posts about what Dr. Richard Day said…, then you would be very clear that it was ORDER FOLLOWERS who instituted the greatest CRIMES upon humanity over the last 45 years.

Oh…, and it was not just the POLICE…, and those who joined the MILITARY…, who “followed orders”…,  but it was EVERY working man and woman who did NOT stand up and SAY NO to the immoral, and unethical and ludicrous objectives the very MOMENT they heard them and were told to put them into practice!

Just so you know for certain that I am not being a hypocrite…, I paid for my own college education starting at the age of 17 years old!  I went to 3 years at a Major University taking Advanced Accounting and Business Law…, after which I planned on going to LAW SCHOOL upon graduation!

After 3 years of arduous study and 3 years of being on the “DEANS LIST” for students with exemplary grades…, I stopped, and WALKED AWAY from it all.

Not because I could NOT do it…, but because at that point, I COULD SEE CLEARLY that it was wrong!  I could see that the things I was learning to do, would in fact HURT other people!  My actions would cause HARM to others in the world, and I choose to immediately put a stop to that stream of potential and walk down another path.

I walked away in 1982 and NEVER looked back.  That was 33 years ago!  I then took a job as a  simple carpenter…, even though I had already paid for a much greater and higher education, so that each day of my life…, I would be helping the planet and the people around me instead of hurting it.

The truth is there was FAR LESS money in what I chose to do…, the the work was FAR more strenuous…, took far more energy…, and was just a dang HARD LIFE!

But…., I did no DAMAGE to other living human beings around me by the actions I was taking through the WORK that I was getting PAID to do!

Now…, and I mean RIGHT NOW…, most of this mess has clearly been made in the last 70 or 80 years…, and to most people who can remember the 1950’s and 60’s that is the truth!

There are those who call themselves NEW AGERS who DARE…, yes DARE, to suggest that GOD/SOURCE/PRIME CREATOR intends to clean all of this entire mess up himself!

Are YOU #*&@’ing kidding me???

GOD…, who had NOTHING to do with the mess that we are collectively in right now…, due to rank FEAR and COWARDESS, is  supposed to CLEAN IT ALL UP!

Oh…, yea…, and a favorite CON of the NEW AGERS is that somehow “THEY”, are about to ASCEND away from it all, by IGNORING everything that is happening around them and keeping their own personal “vibration” high!


I can’t think of a MORE COWARDLY ACT…, and a MORE SELFISH THING to do…, than to assist in the creation of a horrible mess on a loving planet and then LEAVE IT ALL for others to clean up!

And don’t think for a minute that those who call themselves NEW AGERS were NOT helping to create the mess.  IF they were living here on Earth, then they were working…, and many times in one of the very industries mentioned by Dr. Day!  So…, they “took” money and FOLLOWED ORDERS…, unless they can honestly say they did what I did…, and walked away from any possibility of hurting other people, and never looked back.

Now…, these men and women want to “ASCEND” away from it all…, and truly “THINK” that GOD is literally going to do that for them because they sit in their homes and “OHM” for an hour a day.

Let me ask you this.  In just what UNIVERSE does it make sense that a GOD who loves and cares for a planet and it’s people would simply remove the people from the middle of an EPIC MESS that they all had a hand in creating AND ALLOWED to be created…, (many times simply by saying and doing nothing to stop it) just so they can move on to a higher level, and began to IGNORE everything going on around them on THAT LEVEL and continue to DO NOTHING to correct any issues that come their way?


I am tired!

I am tired of  trying to show adult men and women that you can’t use your own dinner table as a toilet and then walk away from the mess CLAIMING that someone else told to you do you “duty” there…, so it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

Please READ THE THREE ARTICLES about Dr. Richard Day!

Finally, think on these words:


The more and more that I look at the situation we are in…, the more and more it becomes “clear” to me that we as a group have both CAUSED and ALLOWED the world to get into the state of affairs it is in!

All my LOVE…
























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