By: Bradley Loves

Well, maybe less of a commentary and more of a rant…, you decide!

As I’m watching some of the great work in the True Legends Videos done by Steve Quayle…, I feel I’ve got to make a short “comment here” only because I want it to be on record.

This comment is NOT  for any of my regular readers…, but instead it is for the countless “Authority Figures” out there who I know are reading my blog…, and who do monitor what I do.


Even so…, I still think that it needs to be said…, and since this my only platform…, this is where I can say it.

Basically what I want to say is this:

To all of those men and women working in various positions who are the “order followers” of the “Elite” or the Cabal…, ie Luciferians/Satanists….

Additionally, to all of those who have “earned a paycheck” by aiding the Luciferians and directly LYING to men and women who only want to uncover and discover the truth of what this Earth really is…, and know our true history.

To those who have “threatened” good men and women and “threatened” their families lives, only to help others who have a very dark agenda to KEEP SECRETS…, and to KEEP large groups of men and women from finding out the true history of the planet.

You have no idea how much I LOATH YOU!

Further more let me say this.

You have started a real “war” which you can not possibly hope to finish or, to win!

You’ve started a war with Heaven itself!

This war…., as it states clearly in my Declaration of Freedom and Removal of Consent…, WILL BE FOUGHT on the higher levels…, and at that time, every single crime, lie, deception, torture, misuse of funds, fraud, murder, and other “acts”…, all done here by EVERY SINGLE HUMAN INVOLVED … (That “took money” and worked for the “DARK”)


And, it will be HEAVEN ITSELF, and those who are the allies of PRIME CREATOR, who will be leading the super-natural armies of the Creator against this EVIL, and for which,  the Luciferians will have NO DEFENSE.

GOD does exist!  GOD does exist!  GOD does exist!

Only in the end will you realize this!

Your attempts to cover up true history…, and your every single “act” of collusion to deceive, and to lie here on the Earth will be RETURNED TO YOU not just a hundred fold, or a million fold…, but a TRILLION FOLD!

You think that you’re on the “winning side”…, but let me help you out here…, the “side of SATAN” is the losing side, I guarantee it!

You think you’re puny “god” (small “g” thank-you) Lucifer is someone with power.., but compared to the true CREATOR, the ONE who created all of it…, Lucifer is a pimple on Donkey’s a**!

You will NOT win! And, I’m giving you NOTICE of what I really think of all of your petty deceptions and your useless attemtps to destroy the Earth, to destroy Human Freedom, and to enslave mankind.

I just want you all (all of those who chose to serve the dark in and through their daily actions) and to actively betray their Earthly brothers and sisters by:


To know that your day IS IN FACT COMING!

The great “BALANCING” of the ages will take place…, and all that was STOLEN…, RETURNED.


Have a Nice Day…..

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