This has been a difficult month for Luke, for Bernie, and for myself who donate our time at Love Truth Site.  I have prayed for aid and continued support in order to keep the message of TRUTH going.  I was able to make it through both January and February, but March is looking to be another month where your support is greatly needed.

Luke experimented with Pop-Ups for Love Truth Site, but after only a few days I decided that it was not something that I wanted for this blog.  His efforts are always appreciated, but in my mind allowing people to decide on their own if they wish to support the truth or not is a very personal thing that must come from inside of them.

The ease of our readers moving around Love Truth Site is far more important to me than having pop-ups on the blog.  I wish for your reading experience here to always be pleasant, informative, and easy because there is so much going on in the world and your time is very important. 

I am choosing for Love Truth Site to be a place where people from all countries can come to learn and to grow spiritually.  So for that reason, I removed the pop-ups for good.

This being said, I am going to ask that if there are any of my readers who can once again spare a little extra this month to please do do so by sending a gift of love and support in order that March can go by without a hitch.

Luke and I have many more podcasts planned and we feel as if we have finally found our stride (even though making these podcasts with inserted videos and images in them takes us about two or three full days of donated time).

The subjects that we are now addressing are extremely important to comprehend and crucial for the truther community to consider.  Please help us to keep bringing you the TRUTH and to keep bringing you information that you just can not get anywhere else!

I will be working for the next day or two on Podcast 61 (which is already recorded and now needs to have videos and images inserted).

Thank you!

All my love


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