By: Bradley Loves

One of my newer readers asked me to direct her to the “articles” I have written with the most solutions in them.  I responded that that article has not yet been written because people are very AFRAID of the TRUTH.

However, I will (once again) give you this huge hint:

Nothing can happen on the physical level unless and until it has “happened” on the higher Astral Levels First!

The physical level is the last level of manifestation and thus for something really “bad” to take place here in the manifested physical…, it will have to have already taken place on a less dense or finer Astral Level!


For a human being to “get sick” or for a human being to experience “bad things”…, they must first have had to “surrender”…, “give up”…, “give in”…, “lose hope”…, “lose faith”…, “quit trying”…, on the MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, and ASTRAL levels.

We are all multi-level beings…, and when we are “strong”…, “powerful”…, “vibrant” and “well grounded” in our minds, hearts, and soul…, then NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO US ON THE PHYSICAL LEVEL!

There is one exception!


Black Magicians use Astral Entities as warriors to attack people on the Astral Level where they can not defend themselves.

They “feed” these Astral Entities by way of Ritual Child Sacrifice and Adult Child Sex!

They use children in their incantations and spells and then “ATTACK” people on a hidden level that most human beings do not even know exists!

This is where the WAR is really taking place!

This is why Himmler was fighting WW II on the Astral Level!

This is why Hollywood and countless Actors, Actresses, Music Industry Moguls and Singers participate in and use BLACK MAGIC!

It’s time to put on your BIG BOY and BIG GIRL pants people and find out what Satanism and Black Magic are really all about…, and WHY…, it is having a huge effect upon the entire world!


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