A LOVE TRUTH SITE “UPDATE” – This latest podcast is an “update” as concerns world events.

No, it’s not a military update, and its certainly not a government update.  Furthermore, the only “insider” that I have or can claim that is feeding me intel is the HOLY SPIRIT!


Its an update that I believe is very necessary because almost everyone seems to be forgetting that “GOD” is running this entire show, and this GREAT AWAKENING is and always was HIS PLAN!

That being said, there is a lot of important information that needs to be covered as the whole world moves into “OCTOBER” or rather “RED OCTOBER”, as the White Hats have been calling it.

This podcast and Love Truth Site update focuses not on what all of the pundits and video interviewers think, and have been saying for the last few months – but instead it focuses on what GOD THINKS!

Please get ready to open your minds, and be willing to hear!

Thank you for listening – All my love

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