By: Bradley Loves


In keeping with my tradition to read and look at EVERYTHING…, I watch very closely what people are saying in the BLOGOSHPERE, regardless of what I think of them personally.

I never let my feelings get in the way of DIGGING for the TRUTH.

I spent a good portion of my very valuable time watching this video linked below, which features Corey Goode, teaching his point of view about Ascension, and our eventual “enlightenment”.

If I had just “entered” into the information “game”…, I would be running head over heals to sit at this guys feet…, and lap up everything he was talking about.

That being said, the good news is that I have been in the information game for over 20 years!  I’ve got a big head start AND…, I have this “problem” of actually THINKING CRITICALLY about what I read and hear!

Analytics is one of my talents, and so watching and reading things VERY CAREFULLY always ends up helping me to uncover the TRUTH of things being hidden.

As much as Corey Goode (and those supporting him) want us to think and believe that he is coming to us from the point of view of THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM…, more and more of his information is coming PURELY into line with the NEW AGE.

Unfolding as I carefully watch…, with each passing day and week (as if by design) Corey Goode’s message is lining up with Channeled Information, the NEW AGE philosophies (many of which have already been disproven) and he is squarely aligning himself with those who are running FULL TILT toward the invasion and occupation of our planet.

I invite you to watch his video!

I have…, and so this is a great test for all of you!

The first thing that you’ll want to notice is that at the very beginning, he has “helpers” (or minders) who are using the LAW OF ONE (Channeled Material) to talk about “everything” we need to know spiritually in order to ASCEND.



The LAW OF ONE is totally channeled information!  It was channeled (most conveniently…, by one lady only) and that lady is now dead and gone.  The purported “ENTITY” giving us this information is “RA” otherwise known as THE SUN GOD (of Ancient Egypt).

It may be of particular interest for you to know that according to the TERRA PAPERS (which you really need to review) that the “rogue” King Marduk…, who took over our entire Solar System from his SIRIAN Uncle Enlil…, took the name of “RA”…, and became the SUN GOD!

Far more than any SIRIAN KING before him, Marduk literally ENSLAVED all of mankind by not only forcing them to go to OBEDIANCE LESSONS every seventh period (day)…, like his Uncle Enlil had done…, he used super advanced technology to literally MIND WIPE every single human being on the planet…, against their free will so that their memories were totally gone forever.

They had NO KNOWLEDGE of who they were…, and where they came from!

Now, before I get more deeply into this…, I want to make a comment about the video above!

I gave it a FAIR chance to convince me there was some real and truthful information in there.  Unlike people who show up JUST WANTING TO BELIEVE…, I came to it being skeptical, but at least open minded.

My attitude was okay…, CONVINCE ME.

After watching the video I was both amazed and appalled at how he could hand out this information without even thinking about it on a deeper level.

Supposedly it’s HIS information.

I found at least a dozen examples of MAJOR information that he handed out in one part of the video…, that is directly contradicted by other information that he handed out in anther part.

What I am saying is that in all of the instances that I’ve found,  “both” things that he said can NOT possibly be true at the same time!

This creates a real conflict inside of his own information stream.

Now the question is this:

Does he even realize this, and thus the title of this post?  Or, is he totally unaware, and only handing out the information that he is being given to hand out.


You see…, the one thing that I have learned about lies…, is that you can never cover up the tracks of a lie completely.  There is always a trail…, and all you have to do is be willing to keep your eyes open!

The problem with most people is that (when they just desperately WANT to believe) they over look every single inconsistency, and try to justify them and explain them away.


(Even though Corey Goode himself comes across as being intelligent and sincere, the information he gives out is HORRIBLY FLAWED!)

Doesn’t he recognize this??

Back to the LAW OF ONE!

According to Shane Bales (The Ruiner) who was actually born into an Illuminati family (Corey Goode was not)…, the LAW OF ONE channeled information has been used by the SECRET MILITARY and the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM as a sort of “hand book” if you will of what is possible with Consiousness.

The “RA MATERIAL” was all channeled between 1981 to 1984!  It was channeled while Ronald Regan was in the White House and George Bush Sr. (Daddy Bush) was Vice President.

We all know that there is and was a TIME TRAVEL PROGRAM being run by DARPA…, and we also know that the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and George Bush Sr., are part of the SATANIC ELITE/NEW WORLD ORDER advocates.

It is highly convenient that this CHANNELED MATERIAL surfaces upon Earth the very moment the control over DARPA comes under Rumsfeld/Cheney/and Bush.

Here is a link to all of the channeled info…, but if you look into it deeply…, you are going to find some things that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

You see, I was told personally by Shane that everyone who goes into the Secret Space program since the 1980’s has been given a COPY of the LAW OF ONE material and told to read it!

There is a very good reason for this!

Part of the LAW OF ONE tries to convince us that there is NO SUCH THING AS EVIL OR BAD.

Even worse…, it puts forth the idea of a POSITIVE or SERVICE TO OTHERS PATH TO GOD…, and a very negative or SERVICE TO SELF PATH TO GOD.

In this wholly fake teaching…, it tells us that anyone can simply choose the service to self path of their own free will.

IF they do…, then everything they do must be service to SELF.

(In other words, they can rape, plunder, pillage, steal, murder, lie, decieve, and torture others…, as long as it benefits only them).

If they do this enough…, they will go to a “NEGATIVE VERSION OF HEAVEN” where (believe it or not) they are rewarded for all of the horrible things they did here on Earth…, (because they are on the path of Service to Self).

This LAW OF ONE “teaching”  (Channeled between 1981 and 1984) says that there is a very NEGATIVE PATH that can be walked, and you can still end up on the highest levels of HEAVEN.

Now…, it is highly convenient for the US MILITARY ( most of whom are either DARK MAGICIANS or SATAN WORSHIPPERS at this point) to have this “get out of jail free card” that was handed to them inside of this channeled material.

This is why they make certain to show everyone in the Secret Military this material.


Because as a particpant in the Secret Space Program…, human beings will be called upon to do unspeakablly EVIL THINGS to other human beings!  And in order to get normal people to do such EVIL…, they need to show them a way that they can still “get to heaven” AND do the evil they are being order to do!!

David Wilcock has always supported the LAW OF ONE…, because he just happened to have been roommates with one of the MAIN CHANNELERS OF THE MATERIAL.

(How convenient is that??)

It is not lost on me as to why David Wilcock and Corey Goode have recieved so much funding to do their GIAM TV shows…, specifically the ones where Corey Goode is involved.

The soul owner of GIAM TV (where Wilcock and Goode do all of their shows) is “Jirka Rysavy”.

Strangely.., it is said that he came to this country totally broke, and slept on park benches at first with no money to even buy food!  And yet now…, he is the owner of many huge corporations!


It is a matter of record that he started a business based in Denver called CORPORATE EXPRESS…, which just happened to get purchased and/or merged with the “huge” world conglomerate of STAPLES some time ago.

(Which just goes to show you just how well connected he is to the movers and shakers inside of the Corporate World)

It has also been said that Jirka Rysavy was known to at one time openly channel LUCIFER.

This is recorded in publicly posted and fully disclosed court documents, which were a part of a huge Law Suit that was brought against Dan Winter by the MERU FOUNDATION.

See this link:

In these court documents, it is revealed that Jirka Rysavy (owner of Giam TV) and Drunvelo Melchizadek used to sit around channeling LUCIFER!

There is a huge web of NEW WORLD ORDER front companies all around the DENVER area which have men and women running them who are tangentially involved with Jirka

Here is a VERY TELLING article from “INC” Magazine about Jirka Rysavy…, very noticeably called:

NEW WORLD “ORDERED” (as if this wasn’t a huge F’ing CLUE)


As the old saying goes:  WHERE THERE IS SMOKE…, THERE IS FIRE!


So…, in this video I’ve posted above…, instead of telling us about the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM as he started out doing when he first came on the scene…, we are now “LEARNING”  (from Corey Goode no less ) all about the LAW OF ONE…, and HOW GREAT IT IS!!


Only when you get to “Baby Step 25″…, 10 years from now…, will it be rolled out for all to see that the LAW OF ONE also tells us that you can be as BAD or as EVIL as you want to be here on Earth…, and still go to HEAVEN!


I am not going to get into all of the flaws I’ve found in his material…, because I am not certain if people even have the background that I do in order to recognize them!

Just ask yourself “WHY” he is suddenly (and with seemingly very scripted HELP) pushing the LAW OF ONE MATERIAL??

All my love for now!





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