By: Bradley Loves


One of the earliest whistle blowers of classified information was Bob Lazar, a man who worked in Nevada at a facility called: S-4

His entire life history was erased when he came forward, and those he worked with has smeared his reputation horribly to “cover up” the TRUTH.

I repect this man because he did NOT work for the government for long before he came forward saying what he was doing was TOO important to keep secret!

He recognized that telling LIES was and is abhorant to our human society!

In these videos he explains “Gravity Waves” (Density Waves) and how the particular “Saucers” he worked on actually flew.  Good stuff!

He talks about their ability to create a “distortion” in front of the craft, so that it “falls upward” (or in his words “falls downhill”) no matter which direction it goes…, even upward.

Essentially the same thing I said when talking about changing the density of the air around the craft!  He simply calls it a “distortion” of the area near the craft instead of a shift in density.

Learn, Learn, Learn!

What is GRAVITY ??









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