Seven days – Seven days – Seven days!



By: Bradley Loves


Most people are just not ready for College Level Harmonics…, but if they were, they might learn something about Special Operations being conducted BETWEEN TIME-LINES.

  • They might learn that certain “timelines” are much (MUCH) farther advanced than others – and because the Satanists/Luciferians do not have any kind of control (period) within these advanced time-lines – those “versions” of the Earth have actually already met with REAL ANGELS.
  • They might learn that those angels – direct representatives of GOD – are working very hard to “collapse” all of the Time-lines back into ONE MAIN TIMELINE and that this is GODS WILL.
  • They might learn that the time-line that we are currently living in, is the biggest stinking pile of crap in the ointment – because until this one is fixed – others can’t even be touched – and so this “time line” is being “worked on” by many beings on many levels including the US Military from these advanced Time Lines.
  • They might even learn (I’m just spit balling here) that certain Navy Admirals – real heroes and Warriors – had crossed over from one of these advanced timelines into this one – and were working on joint missions with REAL ANGELS – in order to do GODS WILL.

This is what they might learn if they really understood Harmonics at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

Of course – I could never confirm this was true – It’s just a guess.




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