By: Bradley

There are two things I want my readers to know!  First is that they should always start reading with the very first article I post each day, and work their way up…, because many of my second and third articles REFER to the first one.

Or…, they will take QUOTES from the first one…, so that is the best way to read from my blog.

Secondly is that they really need to understand that I do proof read every article and usually get rid of 99 percent of all errors on the first go round before I publish it.

The trouble is that once I publish…, “new errors” pop up that were not there earlier.

I can go and correct those…, and do an update…, only to find NEW ERRORS that were not there the first two times!

It’s almost like there is an AI VIRUS operating inside of wordpress or (my computer) that is malicious and simply introduces errors in my script NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I CORRECT IT.

I suppose this could be a type of CABAL torment…, or a hackers bad joke.

But for those of us who are writers…, getting the spelling correct is  always important.  And yet…, the CABAL seems to have found yet another way to frustrate us.  At any rate…, instead of fighting with this type of malicious program…, which I can’t seem to defeat…, I correct what I can, and simply allow the rest of the errors to sit there…, otherwise it would be an endless “game” that is a no win.



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  1. Lavender

    Dear Bradley, sorry to have been off for so long but we are currently being invade her in europe! u are 1 for next donation i think this is an blog u would find interesting.

    thank u i’ll keep my word in a few days

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