This is for reasons that are obvious – but also for reasons that are not so obvious.  The negative “impact” of taking a sledge hammer to Earthly cultures and societies through the use of “future knowledge” is not just merely destructive, but is the kind of world wide demolition that only the Globalists could possibly stomach and justify.

This kind of wholesale “change” (change you can believe in) is not happening organically, and therefore is not happening in ways that are consistent with love, courage, human kindness, and explicitly leaves out the GOD centered beauty of all humans who are working together for a common goal and purpose.

It leaves out human concern for one another as radical change occurs in a matter of weeks (not years) and instead is every bit as destructive as a World War, only much more so!  It is like dropping nuclear weapons on every single city, town, and village across the entire world over the course of several years and – KILLING OFF EVERYONE and EVERYTHING – and simply starting over.

Who said they would never tell us their plans?  And who said they don’t think that big?

In this episode of Star Gate SG-1, from Season 8, we can see how “globalists” actually think.  The video below describes a weapon that has the power to destroy ALL LIFE in the entire galaxy, only so that those few who can hide from it – and survive – can start over and own it all!!  Even the so-called “god” Baal objects to its use as wholly unnecessary, but as we can see, he has been over-ruled by his “superior” ANUBIS – the Egyptian god of the dead – aka the “globalists”.


Now, if you can put away your incredulity and the conspiracy theory hat that the C_A gave to you and that you always wear everywhere you go, you’ll see that this is exactly what the Globalists are intending for the Earth and all of it’s human inhabitants.

But HOW could they possibly have enough information to know how to proceed so that what they are planning works just like they have planned?   Two words:    TIME TRAVEL

It’s that simple!



The Globalists – who are all members of highly hidden and Secret Societies – are all working together.  This is very clear.  What is not clear is that they have a WEAPON that you can not possibly imagine, and that weapon is “time travel” and the sole purpose of using it is to gain access to it’s hidden power which is: FUTURE KNOWLEDGE!

As you already know – at the very top of the hidden secret societies – are the FREEMASONS – who do in fact (regardless of what they tell their initiates) – worship LUCIFER. As we speak, they are rolling out their extremely well organized “plan” to destroy us all through a global pandemic and a world wide “shot/vaccine” which will most likely kill those who get it within a few years (if not immediately).

Instead of ANUBIS – let’s simply place men like: Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeffrey Epstein, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Fauci, (all globalists and huge supporters of Eugenics) and countless others of the same ilk into the Luciferian hierarchy and thus into the video I’ve placed above – and then give them the very same callous and deranged attitude toward the world and toward mankind as a whole.

Even stranger still – in the very next episode of Star Gate SG-1, still from Season 8 – we find out that ANUBIS is not even really human at all, but is an “other dimensional” being who “inhabits” or “possesses” human looking HOSTS while here on the Earth so that he can achieve his goals.  Thus we become privy to the hidden idea (something that I’ve hinted at in my writings) that those who are the most evil are not even really human at all, but instead are POSSESSED HUMANS – who are doing the bidding of unseen entities from other realms.


See this next video below where Daniel Jackson – who is currently having an “out of body experience” (as shown by the extreme light coming in through the windows of the restaurant) meets the real demonic spirit of Anubis – on a higher and finer level of existence – and finally realizes that all of the evil that is happening on the Earth is coming from and being orchestrated from a much higher level!  Needless to say he is shocked and surprised.



Ephesians 6:12

12: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Here again, right here on this very blog – I hinted at this many times in the hopes that those who come here to read would “get it” and “get up off of the couch” and start telling others what we are really up against.




Time Travel Wars are both difficult and brutal!  

The “changes” being made all around us with the help and the use of FUTURE KNOWLEDGE designed as a weapon to be used against the rest of us (by those with access to extremely advance technology) has become the single most destructive tool of world wide demolition that has ever been employed.  Humanity is about to be put into “ruins” the likes of which no world war has ever accomplished. 

Of course (if your goal) is to “wipe the slate clean” and simply start over again then this is one way to do it.  Naturally, even for beings posing as “gods” this is quite an ambitious task – and about as EVIL as it gets.

This is why those who know what is happening – have put out the call to hero’s and warriors through TIME – and are asking them to engage on a level they have never imagined.

They are being called to fight until the battle is won – and to do battle against those who would destroy everything – until they are taken down permanently. 

These are the ones who will get the HERO’S WELCOME for all of eternity – and they will get it no matter where they go. 

THEY ARE THE TIME TRAVELERS – And now you know why, after all this time, that this single blog (out of all the blogs on Earth) consistently honors and salutes these brave men and women for what they do – simply with a nod and…    “A WINK”




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