By: Bradley Loves


Right on cue, SWEDEN, which is now the RAPE CAPITAL OF EUROPE due to all of their Muslim Migrants, has decided it needs a distraction for the clueless!

See this link:

Typical of the Illuminati and the Satanists (which control the music industry worldwide) they offer you senseless distractions to take your mind off of the obvious suffering that countless people are experiencing due to their rampant immigration POLICIES.

Yea…, that’s right…, let’s get ABBA to do a couple of new songs so we can all remember when SWEDEN was actually a place people wanted to visit!!


Just like in the Movie “TITANIC” where the orchestra was playing soft music while the entire ship SANK!!!   –  ABBA is now regrouping to sing and dance for you while the entire country of SWEDEN falls into RAPE – DEBAUCHERY – and BASE EVIL as a result of endless MUSLIM IMMIGRATIONS.

Can you say:   DISTRACTION??

What next??

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