By: Bradley Loves



In 2018, ABC aired a TV Series based on ILLUSION, MAGIC, and DECEPTION!

It was a no holds barred made for TV drama that “celebrated” the ART of telling lies, conning, cheating, and deceiving people!

Happily…, it only ran for one Season!

‘Deception’ Canceled After One Season On ABC


As per usual…, the Illuminati controlled TV Networks are always “telling their viewers” what is cool…, what is in…, what is a fad…, and since that is the case…, 2018 was the year they tried to convince the entire ABC viewing audience that DECEPTION WAS A VIRTUE!

Of course…., this kind of thinking is wholly Satanic…, but is portrayed as “cool” and “ interesting” to the masses…, who don’t THINK BIGGER and LOOK DEEPER!

Now.., if you have awareness that is any higher than a rock laying on the ground…, you should be able to make the connection that they are trying to convince people that TRUTH TELLING is over rated…, and that DECEPTION (and MAGIC) not only is cool…, but is very necessary and has a HUGE PLACE IN THE WORLD!

If you (as the viewer) bought that…, then you just helped the world to move one step closer to a SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER!

You did this simply by not objecting and saying nothing.

I said this many times before…, YOUR VOTE (even if only in your head and not expressed) is counted by the Universe.

That is how things become manifest here on Earth.

Our reality is collectively created…, and even the LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVES have started to “get it” because they are now attacking not only Donald Trump…, but every single one of his followers and supporters!

They would only do that if they were suddenly CLEAR…, that the current reality we have here in America has been “collectively created” by the Majority of Americans…, and that majority are followers of Donald Trump.

Thus…, the only thing they can do now…, is to ATTACK/SHAME/TARGET/ABUSE/RIDICULE and demean every single one of Donald Trump’s supporters as well as attacking Trump himself!


How come the Christians…, and the New Agers…, still have NO CLUE???

Which ones are really the smart ones…, and which ones are not???








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