By: Bradley Loves


I would like to say a thing or two about 5-G.

I’ve already made it very clear that I do NOT support adding any more frequency waves into the already saturated spectrum of waves and frequencies.

Even Donald Trump himself has said that the FCC has had to “free up” more of the spectrum in order to support the needs of 5-G.

That being said, a few people have said that Trump has “put out coded messages” (Serial Brain 2) that he had “built a wall” against the harmful effects of 5-G!

Firstly…, this may NOT be the case at all…, and even if it is…, it is a promise that is only as good as the man holding office at the time.

5-G is – for all practical puposes – a covert WEAPON!!  Let that sink in!

It was designed as a weapon…, and can be used as such!

Even if Donald Trump has found a clever way to either block or remove the harmful parts of the waves or signals being carried by 5-G…, this does not mean that the next President (who may be a GLOBALIST) can not get rid of any and all of the “protections” Trump may put into place!

Building the 5-G Network in military terms is basically a “WEAPONS DEPLOYMENT”!

Now…, if we compare the towers necessary to drive the entire 5-G Network to UNLOADED GUNS…, then just because they (the towers) are not loaded (yet)…, does not mean they can’t be loaded in the future!

You see, once the entire Network of Towers is DEPLOYED…, it is very difficult to “undeploy” them.

They will always be there, and the NEXT president may not be so kind to the people around the world and will simply LOAD THE GUNS (so to speak) and start using the 5-G Network against the people!


That being said…, this does not mean that I think Trump isn’t trying to help the country or Drain the Swamp…, it just means that he can only do so much and is hardly being “informed” of every little thing that is going on!

Once again, I’ve taken up having long discussions with Shane (aka The Ruiner), and he says that Donald Trump would literally feint if he only knew of all of the current and ON-GOING projects and programs that were being run by the Illuminati right behind his back!

From Deep Underground Military Bases to many high level Programs that he can’t concieve of yet!

Shane said that few Presidents get clearance up to that high of a level, and Trump certainly does not have it (yet) if he ever will.

Whether its CLONING – SOUL TRANSFERS IN AND OUT OF BODIES – VOICE TO SKULL – DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS…, the making of ZOMBIES, etc…, Trump simply may not know how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Honestly he is doing pretty well to know about BLACK MAGIC and CHILD TRAFFICKING and maybe “TIME TRAVEL”.

He may need to be President for a few more years before he is “read in” to many of the higher level secret programs.

As it is…, Trump is only starting to get a general idea that certain people (Illuminati members) are allowed to walk around freely…, only because they serve OTHER masters.

That was the whole entire purpose of James Comey’s book titled: A HIGHER LOYALTY!

He was telling the men hidden well behind the curtain that he remains LOYAL TO THEM!

And he is asking them to save him!

Hillary Clinton is in the same boat!

She is good friends with the Rothschilds…, and unless and until Donald Trump takes that entire family down…, Hillary will remain safe!

It’s going to be a very long road in my opinion…, and TRUMP is going to make mistakes…, ONLY because he does not know the depth of what is facing him.

In this regard…, even though he is a smart man…, many of us who have been doing research for 20 years can know “certain” things he does not!

So much for the Presidency!

Anyway…, these are my thoughts on 5-G!  Until I can see ALL of the Dark Magicians rotting behind bars…, then it can still be used at some time in the future against us!

All my love…


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