This is an update for everyone who reads at Love Truth Site because it will affect everyone! 

Last year, as the winter came closer, I knew that I needed to ask for more help in order to keep going and to continue writing.  Approximately four of my loyal readers answered that call and started to send gifts and contributions on a monthly basis!

They were being generous, and I was able to collect about 500 dollars each month that helped me all through the winter and even through the summer.  If not for them, I would have had to stop writing and simply live on the street.

Because of what they did – you were able to read here and find important articles, podcasts, audio books, and alternative news about current events.

Because money is harder to come by (and people are losing their jobs) these donations have slowed down and in one or two cases simply stopped.

I very honestly thought that (by now) the White Hats would have made some extremely significant and bold moves to rid the world of the corruption in world Governments, the Money Systems, and especially in the Court System so that I would be able to go back to living a more normal, albeit highly wounded life due to what was done to me for simply telling the world the truth.

As you know, we are still collectively fighting this battle against some really evil forces who have decided to never give up and to employ what is known as a “Scorched Earth” policy as they are taken down for unspeakable crimes that have been done against humanity for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Scorched Earth is a term that basically says:

If we can’t have it – then no one can have it – and we will burn it all down first before we ever hand it over to someone else.

Countless opportunities have been given to these evil ones to surrender, and they have refused every single chance at giving up, instead choosing to fight down to the last man and woman.

This means in very real terms that all of us who are fighting on the side of light and love are forced to continue to battle and to suffer WITHOUT the benefit of an RV or reset to give us more money just to survive (let alone do our various missions to help humanity that we were sent here to do).

THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS still have not been removed so that we the people can be free of constant damage and harm, the MONEY SYSTEM has still not been changed so that the criminals can no longer finance global genocide, and the extremely CORRUPT COURT SYSTEM (which has been used to attack honest, decent, and truthful people all over the world) – has still not been torn down to the ground, stood down, and undone!

In other words – they (the white hats) have completely ignored or stalled NESARA/GESARA – in most of it’s aspects, and have left many hundreds of millions of lives world-wide (real lives  of truth tellers and whistler blowers that hang in the balance) out in the cold as of the writing of this, and are therefore forcing them to face the prospect of another hard winter with nothing at all to live on.

As of the writing of this post the White Hats have left much of the CORRUPTION STILL STANDING  (because almost all of it is still in place as we speak) even though it is/was these very systems that are used by the Black Hats (the Luciferians/Deep State/Off worlders) to target, torment, torture, and very literally DESTROY the lives of millions of good people on the Earth (which includes God’s Emissaries, Volunteer Souls, and other followers of the Truth, Love, and Light).  It is apparent that they do not see the urgent need to undo these things quickly!

They do not think the situation is yet DIRE enough!

What they fail to see and to recognize is that by means of Special Access Programs and very Exotic Weaponry (all of which started in the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s) millions of really good souls (not just thousands) have already been severely DAMAGED!

Some really good souls have been waiting not just for a few years, but instead have been waiting for DECADES to get justice, relief, and remedy for what has been done to them and to their families by the dark side of Earth’s Military and Cabal!

However, just like any other military war – it appears that they (the white hats) are expecting huge casualties on the good side – and (just like in every other war they have ever fought) have called these casualties “acceptable losses” because they do not want to be bothered to put a “plan” into place to help those on the fringes (if they decide to continue to wait and take their time with this).

This is not the way “God/Source/the Great Creator” fights HIS battles!

God does not feel that even one life lost is an acceptable loss, and always puts detailed plans into place in every single battle HE fights (with provisions made) for every single life that may be affected by the battle.

(Meanwhile Billions of Dollars have been sent to Ukraine in the last 8 or 9 months – much of which has gone missing and into the pockets of the most evil people in the world – while millions and millions of Americans can not pay their rent, buy food, or pay their bills and are facing a hard winter)

This is obscene, perverse, and will be taken into account fully by those who are here to watch and take notes.


As we have seen and heard over the last several years the children (FINALLY) are being rescued and taken care of!  This is a very wonderful thing, and for decades, I’d hoped that this kind of action would be taken.  Ever since the Holy Spirit showed me what was happening in the underground!

However, the men and women who were born decades ago and came here to do really great things for the Earth (and are already grown but have suffered almost as much as the children) have been left to fend for themselves and are getting NO ATTENTION and NO CARE at all.

This has got to stop!  And the only way this stops is if real and bold action is taken now (and the gloves come off).



I am calling on the White Hats to stop over thinking this and to stop over calculating ENDLESSLY – and to take real action so that far more innocent people do not die this winter only because they could not afford to buy food, pay rent, or pay bills.

Sixty or Eighty Billion dollars sent to Ukraine (only to be diverted into the pockets of Deep State Puppets or Cabal members so they can buy a tenth mansion in Florida) is just criminal in every sense of the word of criminal!

 And, the White Hats were watching.

Meanwhile, Americans starve!



As for myself and Love Truth Site, I am once again requesting that my readers become equally as bold as we hope that the White Hats will be! 

If you have any extra at all, or if you can afford 50 dollars a month, then PLEASE consider sending a regular gift/contribution over the next several months so that the cold winter does not claim yet another casualty in this hidden and very evil war.


I will continue to do my part – which is to write, do the research, watch all of the videos, do the podcasts, and put up audios for the benefit of humanity – and I trust that those who can do so will send the financial gifts and support that makes it all possible.

If you can, please send a gift today because the need has never been more great!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for sending a gift!

All my love




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