By: Bradley Loves

I once wrote that my blog is not necessarily only for my readers. A significant portion of what I write is actually directed at the TIME TRAVELERS.

Sometimes, it may seem that I am being very repetitive and more or less beating a “dead horse” in the way I address certain topics, but you have to understand that there is a whole other “dimension” to think about when addressing subjects that will only be seen by others – who are occasionally – moving in and out of our normal time stream.

  • Some of the subjects that I write about are directed at the Military “White-Hats”.
  • Some of what I write is directed to OFF WORLDERS, and those who are here to help!
  • Other things I write are directed at the CABAL and the SATANISTS.
  • Finally, there are my loyal readers and just the regular everyday people to think about.

Most of my readers who are really bright will have noticed this already however.  They will have noticed that this particular blog is somehow different than all the rest out there!

They will have seen that I seem to be “talking” to different types of people and various groups in my writings.


Think of it this way!

Imagine for a moment that you KNEW FOR A FACT that every single thing you would ever write, would some day be placed into a museum of sorts.  A Cosmic Library if you will!

Imagine that you clearly understood that 500 years from now, people would be pouring over every single thing that you ever said or wrote, (from many different times and places and even various worlds and realms) and that your “audience” was not necessarily just the people from the here and the now, but was VAST in it’s scope and far bigger than could be imagined.

Now, IF you were that writer…, would you write things differently?

Also…, there is something else that you need to consider about this blog…, is not just a personal record of what I think and see taking place…, but it is really a TEACHING BLOG.…, where real information…, much of which has been hidden for centuries, (if not millennia) can be found!

Finally, consider that a complete and total RECORD of every word that I write here is being kept on multiple HIGHER UNSEEN LEVELS in places you can not imagine.

This means that regardless of who or what gains control of the “internet” over time – or who or what may even attempt to try to TAKE DOWN or ERASE what I’ve written, the actual daily RECORDING of what I’ve written here – is being preserved for ETERNITY.

This, more than anything else, will put a nice little thorn into the side of many COSMIC LEVEL CRIMINALS who will be detained, tried, and then punished for their unlawful cosmic actions taken here on the Earth.

This also means that no matter where they run to…, and no matter where they try to hide…., even going so far as to TIME TRAVEL in attempts to hide out in other TIME PERIODS and other TIME LINES or even in hidden realms…, the proof of their crimes are here in THIS TIME PERIOD and await them no matter how long it takes to find them and bring them to justice.

So…, as a reader of  LOVE TRUTH…., you are getting a front row seat of sorts with the unfolding of a RECORD that will be around for hundreds of thousands of years!

Perhaps this changes your viewpoint on the way in which I conduct this blog.   And the articles I choose to write and to post!  I am writing for various reasons and various groups…, each one important!

I hope this clears things up!

All my love…


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