About the “Presidential Transition” — by Anna von Reitz

I was contacted early this morning and asked to comment on the Executive Order regarding the “transition” from Obama to Dunford and the whole “New Republic”.

First, you have to know that the military has been in control of “governmental services” in this country since 1863 when Lincoln bankrupted the original United States (Trading Company). Read the Lieber Code, also known as General Order 100.  Together with the Geneva Convention Protocols, this is the “martial law” that the “citizens of the United States” have lived under ever since.
Next you have to know that there are two giant “governmental services corporations” leeching off the American people—- the “UNITED STATES” which went insolvent in March of 2015, and “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” which is taking over the services contract (or trying to).
The “UNITED STATES” has been run by the UN Corp doing business as the International Monetary Fund, both French corporations which operated out of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to fleece us blind.
“THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is now being run by the UN Corporation doing business as the Federal Reserve, set up under the laws and auspices of the United Nations City-State. This is where all the “UN law” comes in.
Do you notice the Common Denominator?  The UN Corporation owns both.  The UN Corporation is owned by the World Bank.  And the World Bank is owned by Jacob Rothschild, who is owned by the British Crown Conglomerate, which is owned by the Vatican, which is owned by the Holy See.
And now you know the structure of the “World”—- not the Earth, the “World”— the Man-made construct that governs governments and organizes banks, etc.
When you are reading the Bible?  Armageddon?  The Apocalypse?  This is the “world” that is being destroyed in front of your eyes— the world of Babylon the Great. Whether you knew it or not, you and the whole world have been living under a system of “law” created in Ancient Sumeria—- a system of idolatry and enslavement and every venal thing.
[But, lo— “I shall bring to ruin those ruining the Earth”.  Fear not for your Mother Earth. Though all the constructs of men may fail, the goodness of God shall not.]
So what does the “Presidential Transition” mean?
 The “governmental services corporation” providing “federal services” will now be called the  “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” instead of the “UNITED STATES”.   CEO Obama is being sidelined to oversee the liquidation of the “UNITED STATES” and CEO Dunford is coming on board to make sure that “federal services” continue to be provided.
Those labeled “citizens of the United States” will be enslaved and their property will be seized upon and everything they own will be liquidated to pay the debts of the insolvent “UNITED STATES”.  And “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” — the so-called “New Republic” under General Dunford will be responsible and acting under “UN Law” to do this evil in the sight of God.
These two colluding corporations, both operated by the French UN Corporation,  intend to kill off their Priority Creditors and seize upon their property.  The greatest act of genocide in human history is being prepared against the American people and its being done by what appears to be their own government and Allies.
This is what it means, “Come out of Babylon!”—- expatriate from having anything to do with the “UNITED STATES” now.  Change your names from all-capitals:  JOHN RALPH DOE back to upper and lower case:  John Ralph Doe.   Or even take a new name entirely.  Change the owner and address on your land deeds.  Change your mailing address, too, if need be.  Keep nothing of the old system that they can attach to. And protest your innocence now. Place it on the public records. You never knowingly or willingly agreed to any of this evil.
Be part of “the remnant” of the American people who return to your land.
The Trustees overseeing all this have been placed between a rock and a hard place, because we just paid off all the debts of the “UNITED STATES”.  They no longer have any excuse for their actions.  Instead, Satan has been called to account and the shoe placed on his other hoof.
It’s all over now except the shouting.
The simple solution would be for the Holy See to admit the whole thing and for the French Government to liquidate the “UN Corporation” as a crime syndicate, but that’s not going to happen because (1) the Holy See is infiltrated with Satan worshipers and is otherwise afraid of admitting its role; and (2) the French Government is just another “governmental services corporation” also owned by Jacob Rothschild.
Instead, we can expect every jot of the Bible to be fulfilled.  There will be war in the Mideast. The armies of the North—- US, Britain, etc., will roll over the land, followed by the armies of the East — Russia and China.
There will be a “Great Earthquake”.  The Valley of Hinom will be filled with the corpses of those who have worshiped Satan and Ashtoreth.
Expect that you will need fuel, water, food, and all other needful things.  Store up medical supplies and tools. Get ready, because “the end”—of this system of things– is coming as surely as I am sitting here.  Babylon has fallen once, and she will fall again for the final time.
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