Ever since I wrote this one single post linked below – I have gotten more comments from people who really believe in what she is saying, and are so indignant that I even challenged what she has been teaching and saying, that one or two have sent me links to literally hundreds of hours of her video classes trying to convince me it’s all true.


For all of those who don’t know anything about what Ashayana Deane is teaching or saying in her hundreds of hours of online videos – it can all be boiled down to a single paragraph.

So, please let me give everyone reading this article the CLIFF NOTES on what she is putting out there – and get you up to speed so that you do not have to watch the hundreds of hours of her videos unless you really want to.

Here is what Ashayana is teaching the world in a nutshell:

1) God created the Universe a very long time ago – many billions of years ago.

2) He populated this Universe with Creator Souls who were supposed to experience life in various densities within the Greater Universe which is set up Geometrically.

3) Along the way – Certain Souls FORGOT who they were, and started to play against each other in a very negative way.

4) These Souls that could not get along with each other – started to create DISTORTION instead of HARMONY

5) The entire section of the Universe which experienced this Distortion, then “FELL” and appears to be very sick or in trouble due to the continuing Distortions.

6) Everyone who is living in this “sick” or fallen part of Creation is in dire trouble because we (supposedly) can’t get back to God because of the way the Universe/Galaxies/Solar Systems are Geometrically Constructed.

7) We are all “f*cked”

This pretty much sums up (very quickly) what she is saying, and I simply had the guts to disagree with what she is teaching because I know that much of it is not true.

The reason I disagree with her is that I comprehend what kind of Universe we are living in – and what kind of Science the Universe is based in – which is HARMONICS.

The Universe on the higher levels does not respond to Physics in the way that we think it should. 


My teaching (which is different from Ashayanas Teaching) for the world in a nutshell is this:

If not working well together and not playing well together made this part of the Universe “sick” – then LOVE of the Great Creator, and LOVE of ourselves will heal it, it is that simple.

There is no sickness in the entirety of God’s Great Creation that can not be cured or healed INSTANTLY.

There is nothing “broken” that can not be fixed, and there is no distortion that is out of HARMONY with God that can not be brought back into Harmony.

Furthermore, we are not desperately “trying” to get back to God – because God is with us at every moment of our lives.  He SEES everything.

To say that we can not “get back” to Source – is like saying that because we all jumped into the mud puddle and are covered in mud from head to toe, that we can’t ever get clean again.

But, strangely, all we have to do is take a bath and low and behold – WOW – no more mud!


Don’t believe me?

How many people have you read about that had TERMINAL CANCER – that had taken over their entire bodies?  And, after experiencing a change of heart and a change of mind through intense prayer to God – the Cancer was not only healed, but completely VANISHED without a trace?

Oh ye of little faith…

Do you think that God can heal one man from terminal cancer – but could not also immediately correct the entire spin of the Universe in the same amount of time?

You think that healing Cancer is easy – but healing the entire Universe is far more difficult for God because its bigger?  If you think this – then you do NOT KNOW GOD.

I will not say more for now!

For the people who are interested in the hundreds of hours of teachings that Ashayana Deane is putting out – please go for it!  I just boiled down her entire curriculum into seven bullet points.

If you are interested in what I am teaching – then you will have to be patient!  I am here for the whole world, not just for a few who want to know about the history of the Universe and why we are screwed. 

My lessons need to be taught to everyone – and will work to change things.

However, we are currently in a BATTLE for control of the Earth.

The Luciferians – who don’t want you to know how powerful you really are – or, that you have a direct connection back to God the Great Creator are doing everything they possibly can to steer you away from God and away your own power. 

Currently, they are trying to kill all of us – rather than give up their power over us.

We, and thus the larger Universe around us are not being “healed” – merely because THEY do not WANT it or themselves to be healed.  They LOVE the dark! And because they LOVE the dark – they do not want to give it up – even if it brings down all of Creation around them.

It is up to us to put a stop to their DISTORTIONSand come back into HARMONY

We do this by simply not agreeing, not complying, and not going along with their agenda – period – end of story.  Furthermore, we ARREST and REMOVE all of these few who would retaliate against WE THE PEOPLE for not going along with their psychopathic agenda, because they never should have been allowed to have power in the first place.

It was an ERROR on our part, to even ALLOW them to operate – because what they are doing is affecting everything around them (including us).

All my love.


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