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TRUE CARING is the only thing that will help us at this point!  We can either care for each other…, “everyone”…, or we can follow the orders of the psychopaths who are trying to destroy all of life on Earth!

The choice is an important one…, and it will take great courage to start DISOBEYING the so called authority figures…, and to start thinking for yourselves!

Choose wisely…, for the lives of all of humanity depend upon it!

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  1. Erika

    Thank you. Erika

  2. silverfeatherx

    Hello Bradley,

    I am very Happy to know that you are Good and Safe. The World needs many LIGHTWARRIORS like you to be here right now. Thank you for all your contributions for the Years and may the Angels always watch over you.

  3. just discovered Bradley Love and want to sign on to help your great work.

  4. herb4brad

    Hey Bradley. Lauren is right. There’s been a troubling wall of silence from your end. With so many shattering events unfolding around the globe signaling the desperation of the “Controllers” you have never been without a timely take from your end to help put a perspective on this.

    Many around the globe are concerned. There is no end to the efforts that the Psychopaths will go to, to hang on to their agenda. We all love you and hope that our concerns are misplaced.


    • Herb

      Thank you for your kind concern!
      I have been very busy “watching” the opera unfold! Indeed there is much to talk about.
      Still, I must focus on the big picture…, not that which is made simply to distract!

      In addition…, for the last two weeks, I have been engaged in a construction project which came up very suddenly.
      Last year I could not get work if I wanted it…, now I have been Offered several jobs. Needless to say…, I desperately need the
      dollars…, so I took the work!

      Am working on a new article!

      All my love


  5. Hi Bradley,
    Are you OK?
    It is not like you to be gone so long without giving us a heads up.
    Please tell us if you are alright or if you need help.
    God Bless You

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