By: Bradley Loves


With Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) finally being exposed for what he really is: A HIGHLY TRAINED DEEP STATE THUG, the New Age community is coming apart at the seams!

They are going “unhindged”!


Because for 8 long years they “hitched” their  wagon to this man, by calling him a SAINT.

They did this only becuase certain CHANNELERS and CHANNELED ENTITIES said it was so!

NOW, they have a big problem on their hands.

You see if OBAMA is a criminal…, then everything they BELIEVE about channeling and channeled messages is going to come under fire as well!

The Wagons are circling as we speak!!

Instead of just admitting to themselves that they were CONNED, getting over it, and realizing that the NEW AGE is just another “religion” started by the Freemasons, they are doubling down on what they were preaching…, and pulling “scenarios” out of their backside a million miles and hour.

Back-peddling so fast that they can’t even see where they are going anymore…, many of these New Age Bloggers and Website Owners who supported Obama are FEELING THE TERRIBLE HEAT AS HIS CRIMINAL PAST COMES TO THE SURFACE!

This one articles says it all!



The Deep State’s Anti-Obama Meme


I have never heard such “grasping” for the proverbial straws as I have seen in this single post!

Well, well, well the chickens have come home to roost!

Steve Beckow, (owner and proprietor of Golden Age of Gia) has always been a very LOUD and VOCAL supporter of Obama!

Over the 8 years of Obama’s presidency, his fingers actually went raw pounding on the keys of his poor computer literally verbally blasting anyone who had the audacity to disagree with HIS MESSAGE.

If anyone even put out the possibility that Obama was not what he seemed, and may have been actually lying to the people, that person felt the VERBAL HEAT OF STEVE BECKOW FOR IT!

Beckows website was a ONE MAN BAND of frothing and effusive praise for Barack Hussein Obama…, and now that it is going to be SHOWN CONCLUSIVELY that this man is and has always been nothing more than a Charlatan…., a two bit thug and criminal, who lied every single day of his presidency…, Beckow is going into MELTDOWN!

Do I have a “right” to say this…, and put this article out??

Your dang tooting I do!

You see, I HAD this conversation with Beckow personally, I tired to warn him early on.  He would have NONE OF IT.

ARROGANT to the max in our e-mail exchange, he claimed to be “fully briefed” on all things Obama, and that the higher ups had a plan I was not privy to!

Steve Beckow was running a discussion group in the early years of Obama’s presidency…, and I “got the boot” from that DISCUSSION GROUP simply because I kept making “observations” in the group saying that things weren’t adding up with Obama.

I was not “drinking the kool-aid” and countless other members of the group were getting TRIGGERED BY HEARING THE TRUTH.

So I was given the “BOOT” by Beckow himself!

When I said it was grossly unfair, and that I was simply stating FACTS, Beckow compared his group of readers to a RELIGION that needed to be protected!

WHEN OBAMA LIED about finding and killing Osma bin Laden…, who the intelligence community knew to already BE DEAD for years, the former president outed himself as a total liar and supporter of the DEEP STATE.

There would have been no “spiritual” reason to make up a story (lie) like this one…, except for political GAIN.

Beckow even agreed with me (privately) that this was a LIE, and made excuses for it.

Well, Stevie boy, it sucks to be YOU!

If you had been reading some of the excellent research that I (and many other good men and women) have been doing for the last 8 years on Obama…, or even bothered to read MY BLOG once in a while, you’d have seen the critical and important research I’d done that proves beyond all doubt that Helena Blavatsky, Albert Pike and company (well known Freemaons) were also LUCIFERIANS!

But instead of reading the work of solid researchers, who do countless hours of real in depth study and work…, all you do is give a phone call to Linda Dillon, who goes into a fake trance (after you pay her a fee of course) and then she Channels your ANSWERS FOR YOU.

Here is my advice…, go see a shrink!

Stop further doubling down on the LIE that has always been a lie…, and stop trying to defend a totally indefensible postion!

Obama was always a CIA trained asset who was groomed for this position since his childhood.

Andrew Basaigo (whom I’ve talked with many times)…, first met “Barry” Soetoro at a frat house on the UCLA campus in the early 1980’s.

“Barry” was attending Occidental College for a year or so!

At that time, even though he was still in his late teens, Andy was made aware that “Barry” was going to be a future US President.

This occured because Andy was involved in PROJECT PEGASUS, and so was Barry.

Please do the world a favor and get off of your…, THE DEEP STATE IS LYING ABOUT HIM…,  high horse and open your eyes for just a single bleeping moment.

Linda Dillon is NOT A GOD!

Just becuase she claims to Channel Arch Angel Micheal: DOES NOT MEAN HER WORDS ARE INFALLIBLE.

You…, and all of your poor readers HAVE BEEN CONNED!

Do the entire world a favor, and open your eyes before it’s too late!

This is a PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE…, meant to help, to  heal, and to bring closure to an absolutely horrible time in the history of America.

Don’t make it WORSE by trying to defend a criminal.

Oh, and if you do happen to read this…, I know you well enough to know you will run to Linda Dillon immediately to find out what to THINK NEXT.

Try “thinking” on your own.

For what it’s worth…

Think on these things….



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