By: Bradley Loves

This post can be summed in just a few words.

We are all here to do…, what we are all here to do!

At this time in my life, I have dedicated all of my “free” time to doing on line research and bringing out what I believe to be the TRUTH to my fellow Earth Travelers.

I do this because I “feel” drawn to do it, and because it needs to be done.  I run no ads, and make NO money except what small financial contributions are sent to me to help me to keep it going.

In other words, I do it on a complete “shoestring”!

In much the same way…, across the Ocean, in Hawaii, a fellow blogger, known as KP, celebrates his 6th year of personal blogging.

See this link:

Posting what he believes is current and truthful, in his own way, he is assisting the Alternative Media and bringing AWARENESS to ideals and issues the Mainstream Media would never touch.

Happy 6th Year in your blogging KP!

Another fellow Blogger!

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