By: Bradley Loves


A “play” is always done in “ACTS”.

Usually an “ACT 1″…., “ACT 2″…, and “ACT 3”.

You see…, there is a reason for this.

Nothing can “happen” upon the “stage” without someone willing to do the “acting”.


They are the ones walking around on the stage while doing the “actions”.


When a film director wants his “Actors” to begin moving around…, he yells:  ACTION!!

(In other words…, “Begin to move around and DO STUFF you bought and paid for rott”)


Whether “on the stage” or “in the world”…, if you wish to achieve something…, you TAKE ACTION

Some of the greatest “actors” have made the comment that:



If this is true…, then…, the ONLY way that things could actually “happen” on the WORLD STAGE is for people who are ON the world stage to take ACTION.


Can you imagine going to a PLAY…, and then sitting in the theatre while watching a whole bunch of people on the stage sitting in the corner and doing NOTHING?

Don’t you suppose you’d yell out eventually:


Perhaps you’d get up…, walk out of the theatre, and demand that you get your money back…, because the “actors” in the play did NOT ACT.

Is it lost on you that everything that happens here in our world is called an ACT ?

Did you know that here in America…, each time a new “law” is passed…, it is called an ACT?

Did you know that?

Since “congress” is the “body” that creates new laws…, such an achievement is called:


Surely you’ve heard of this?

So then…, all laws passed in America are really called: ACTS…

They are formally called: ACTS OF LAW

Not that this means anything really since…, those who are making these laws are just “actors” on the “stage”.

Now…, Guess what?

Everything that happens to you in YOUR LIFE (yes…, your life) is effected by these ACTS (or actions) taken by others on the stage.

As you walk around here on the “stage”…, you can not remain uneffected…, because other people are ACTING in ways that will most certainly cause issues for you.

If we can “agree”…, that it is human beings (regular people) like you and me walking around on the “world stage” and taking actions that are having a very profound effect upon everyone and everything happening here…, then can you at least concede that ACTIONS DO CAUSE EFFECTS??


So…, if ACTIONS are the cause of ALL EFFECTS happening here on the world stage…., then to NOT ACT is to thus “accept and agree” with what ever EFFECTS are already in place.

Can someone please point out the flaw in this logic??

If you do NOT agree with whatever effects are taking place here on the world stage…, then isn’t it critical that YOU ACT?


Perhaps a “more real” and concrete example is required.

Let’s say a small child has fallen into a swimming pool.  That child does not know how to swim.

So…, the “EFFECTS” that are now taking place and currently happening on the world stage, is that this child is drowning.


Now…, you can DO NOTHING…, which is to basically say that YOU AGREE with the currently happening effect.



You can be the “cause” of a very different “effect”.

You can get up…, go over to the pool…, and because YOU DO KNOW HOW TO SWIM…, you can get into the water and you can “save” the child…, pulling it to safety.

You DID THIS…, because you did “not agree” with the current “effect” that was rolling out in front of your eyes…, and you decided to “be the cause” of changing the effect OR…, the “outcome” so that it would be DIFFERENT.


“Prayer” is not/could never be…, capable of saving the drowning child…, nor could sitting on the edge of the pool while asking for GOD’s intervention be a way to save the drowning child.

Unless…, GOD “inspired” someone else who was already sitting nearby, and “had” a physical body to TAKE ACTION…, and to be HIS arms and legs in this realm of manifestation and “act” to SAVE THE CHILD…, thus creating the “effect” of a saved child.

I suppose you could then say that PRAYER achieved something.

However…, that PRAYER needed an “ACTOR” on the world stage to be the willing participant to DO THE ACT!

Those who do NOTHING but pray and meditate (all day long)…, and CLAIM to be having a tremendous EFFECT upon the world and what is happening on the WORLD STAGE…, are 100 percent deluded.

They are not retarded…, but instead they are DELUDED.

They have come to “believe” (a false belief to be sure) that somehow TREMENDOUS EFFECTS can be brought to bear on the world stage WITHOUT taking any action.

Of course, to TELL THEM…, that the source of this faulty information are the DARK FORCES who wish to be the ONLY ONES having an actual effect upon the Earth would “hurt their feelings”.

It would “hurt their feelings” to be told or so INFORMED that their cherished “beliefs” were in fact incorrecct.

After all…, they’ve placed a lot of time and effort into building up SYSTEMS of behavior based on those cherished “beliefs”.

Thus they have become BELIEF SYSTEMS.

The NEW AGE…, has a huge BELIEF SYSTEM…, which tells them that the best way to have a REAL EFFECT upon the Earth is to sit in their room and “pray” or “mediatate” for a different result.

They do this religiously!

They do this daily!

They do this every day…, and sometimes even during the night!

They are very careful to “follow” this BELIEF SYSTEM to the letter.

And…, they even “imagine” that they are having huge success, ignoring what they SEE happening with their own eyes, and discounting it.


You see…, they believe that an EFFECT can be caused without taking any action!

Of course…, to believe such things would be to BELIEVE IN MAGIC.

And…, to claim that such things are actually possible…, would be to claim that “Magic Works”.

And…, to further say that it was THEIR EFFORT (through prayer) that caused many effects to take place on the world stage (without taking any action)…, would be to claim that THEY WERE MAGICIANS.

So…, it could be said (logically) that any and all people who spend most of their time sitting in their rooms praying and meditating for change on the world stage are in fact PRACTICING MAGICIANS…, because MAGIC would be the only way to actually cause an EFFECT to happen without taking physical ACTION.


And…, if one IS a practicing MAGICIAN.., then one is involved with “casting spells”.

Because the ONLY WAY to cause an EFFECT to take place on the world stage without taking ACTION would be to “cast a spell” as the cause of the EFFECT.

You see…, one thing that remains TRUE in this realm of manifestation…, is that there can be NO EFFECT without a cause!


Even the Merovingian (the bad guy) in the Movie: THE MATRIX …, told us clearly about CAUSE and EFFECT.

So can we “agree” that all NEW AGER’S are actually practicing a form of MAGIC?

Now…, if we can logically agree that it is MAGIC…, because it is THEY who are claiming to be causing tremendous EFFECTS on the Earth WITHOUT taking any actions…, then can we ASK how they learned this MAGIC?

If one is really DOING MAGIC…, then it would stand to reason that one has “studied magic”…, taken lessons in magic AND is well versed in all sorts of MAGIC.

I mean.., who would claim to be responsible for great effects taking place on the world stage…, after having TAKEN NO ACTION…, unless they were a very powerful and learned MAGICIAN.

  • So my simple question is where and how did they LEARN this magic?
  • How many lessons did they take?
  • Yow many years did they study?
  • How many Magical text books did they read?

Now…, if the answers to these simple questions are:

  • No one actually “taught” me magic.
  • I took NO lessons.
  • I did NOT study for any amount of time.
  • I read NO MAGICAL textbooks…

Then I would say that these people who are CLAIMING to have caused effects upon the world (through some magical means) are in fact…, and now PROVEN to be DELUDED.

I suppose if I wanted to be generous…, we could say that they are “baby magicians”…, who have taken NO LESSONS, DONE NO STUDY, and READ NO BOOKS…, and who are practicing a baby type of magic.


This would be like small children PLAYING WITH MATCHES!

Since a tiny child has no clue what a match really does…, how it works…, or how to control it…, then there is GREAT DANGER in the fact that they are doing this.


Now…, I am not saying that “MAGIC” does not exist.

In fact…, I KNOW that it does.

I will be the very first to tell you and admit to you that EFFECTS can happen as a result of a MAGICAL CAUSE.

Those who do this are using the POWER of MAGNETICS.


Or…, the Great Magicians.

However…, I also know that almost all practicing MAGICIANS on the Earth at this time ARE DARK!

They are the Sith Lords…, they are the Vampires…, they are the OLD WORLD MAGICIANS.

The question that I am asking is this:

Do the “baby magicians”…, who claim to be having a GREAT EFFECT upon the world stage…, by using “white magic”…, AND…, who have taken NO LESSONS…, DONE NO STUDY…, AND READ NO MAGICAL BOOKS of consequence know what they are doing?

Are they clear and organized in their behavior as a group like the DARK MAGICIANS ARE?

Are they casting “great spells” of power over all of the Earth as the Dark Magicians are?

If not…, then MAYBE…, they should put down their magic wands…, and try having an EFFECT in the old fashioned way…… DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR PHYSICAL BODY!!

I will be the first to admit…, the world is full of men and women practicing magic.

Hillary Clinton, John Poedesta…, and their “spirit cooking” friends like Ms. Abramovic who use blood, semen and other things to do DARK MAGIC…, which actually CALLS FORTH demonic entities to do their bidding…, is a form of DARK MAGIC.

And…, the truth of the matter is that the EFFECTS that they are calling forth into the world are not really BEING DONE by them anyway…, but in fact BEING DONE by the DARK SPIRITS that they are feeding by offering them blood and semen.

So even the DARK MAGICANS have a tiny amount of humility here and realize WHO actually is “doing the stuff”.

I also can relate to you that William (Brent) Stillings told me personally that practically ALL of the “higher ups” (those in charge) who worked at NASA, or in the SECRET MILITARY were totally consumed with MAGIC.

They are ALL f**king Magicians, every one of them….

…is what he told me in no uncertain terms.

I had no reason to think that he was joking…, or to doubt what he was saying was true.

If anyone actully WATCHED the second Mark Passio video that I posted yesterday (as HOMEWORK)…, they would have seen Mark talking about all of the “magical” inferences and the DARK demonic inferences that one can gain from just LOOKING at the Military Patches…, that have been exposed and come into the light of day that have been worn by men and women who work for the SECRET MILITARY.

He goes through patch by patch talking about the symbolism…, the DARK MAGICAL references, and the SATANIC side of these military patches.

You can find that video by selecting the POST FOR THE DAY (Part Two) link.

So…, it seems that the ONLY ONES who are really having a sizeable and noticeable EFFECT upon the “world stage”…, (by using MAGIC) are the ones who have actually “studied magic” and have been exposed to it all their lives!

Interestingly…, they do NOT RELY on magic for everything.., but are in fact ACTING constantly on the world stage…, with every ounce of their EFFORT AND WILL…, to reinforce this magic they are casting.

They DO NOT sit in their rooms all day long and rely ONLY ON MAGIC to achieve their goals, but in fact do everything they possibly can with their HUMAN PHYSICAL BODIES to act in accordance with their goals.

They even “open themselves up” to being “possessed” in order to get the DARK dismebodied entities they worship to take over their bodies…, OFFERING THEIR BODY AS A HOST…, so that the dark entity will then have a vehicle here on the Earth in order to be able to TAKE ACTION…, and have a greater EFECT upon the field of manifestation.

Consider this post a “PART TWO”…, to this post…, which lays it out from the beginning.  If you are confused…, READ THIS AGAIN.



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1 Comment

  1. Jimmy Crack Corn

    Hi Brad ,et al,
    So you know the wheels are turning in yours and others work…
    There has been an ongoing thread on “Acts” in the last 2 days on another site.
    Here is 2 of my few comments on the matter…to get the gist of “movement at the station, for the word had gotten round”,… a Banjo Patterson poetic line on “The Horse from Old Regret”…
    Post 1.
    About Shakespeare = Francis Bacon, on “A Play” and its “acts”…
    Why is it they call the ALL man-made laws “Acts”? (man = the crooks/system)
    “Acts of parliament” are all part of a sham play = manipulation of consciousness – yours.
    Worked it out yet on this play making?
    “Parliament” – etymology…
    “Parli” = Parlay, from the Latin “Parley” /ˈpɑːrli/ is a discussion or conference, especially one between enemies over terms of a truce or other matters
    “ment” (from the Latin) = mens = mind = mined
    So “Parliament” = war games of the mind = mined = digging into your consciousness.
    The crooks tell you exactly what it is they are doing and are about, yet have you BEings twigged onto this yet?

    “Beings” = BEings = Living = Alive = Vital Energy = the LIVING you!!!
    “People”, or “persons” (from the Latin) = persona = fake = mask = dead = Strawman Name = Birth Certificate fakery = corpse-oration = a business = government runs/is a business of deception and CONtrol.

    So, do NOT play their GAME, but LIVE your TRUTH = manifestation = mastery = Living Energy on the move.
    You cannot force action (bullying) …you have to BE it, 24/7.

    All the English language, using Latin origin “words” = swords = double edged = legalese = double speak, is from the old Roman Empire = Vatican crooks system = Maritime Law (of the sea = see), not the land, or better still, the Cosmos.

    Remember they teach spelling at primary school = mind manipulation = casting a spell = a hex = vibration on the move.
    Writing ….cursive writing = writing a spell = hex = reinforcing the mind manipulation = indoctrination.

    “Doctrine” (from Latin: doctrina) is a codification of beliefs, or a body of teachings, or instructions, taught principles, or positions, as the essence of teachings in a given branch of knowledge.

    Belief = be-LIE-f = to belie = below = has a lie in it = deception.
    “Belie” from the Old English beleogan, “to deceive by lies,” from be- + lie (v.1) “to lie, tell lies.” Current sense of “to contradict as a lie, to give the lie”.

    Is this not all a game of manipulation of your thoughts, your own Magnetic Field = Living Energy, altered by your thoughts, your speaking, your writing, your doings?

    Magnetic = mag-NET-ic = Magic net.
    Polarity = Polarised = Ionised = Charged = not neutral = attached = not centre point = not Cosmos = not in Powerhouse Point.

    So go out and test your own power, but never impose yourself upon anyone, or thing and pay-dirt!

    The Cosmos is Electro Magnetic Energy = Vibration and your thoughts = mind/consciousness = vibration, is the instigator.
    You are a part of the Cosmos, not the crooks corrupted CON jobs.
    Giddy-up Nellie = electrification of your own BEing happens automatically.

    Jordan Maxwell on Ritchie Allen Show
    The Amazing Hidden Meanings Of Everyday Words – Jordan Maxwell- update 2017 (1.25hrs)
    You can listen to this while doing other web searches… well worth it.
    AETHEREAL – The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Cosmology Documentary) (2 hrs)
    Post 2
    The thing is you cannot beat the shysters at THEIR GAME.
    So, you NEED to play your own game. (ALL is consciousness = thought = vibration)
    If you are heart centred (master), the Cosmos does the works (all is connected).
    We had no chemtrails since last June 2017 (winter layover) and 2 weeks ago it started again, 6 runs on the Sunday afternoon (none since).
    So NEED to speak/do your TRUTH = call it as you see it = Cosmos does the works.
    What I do is take photos, time/date stamped and sometimes time lapse, so the CON job the shysters think they can get out of their obligations by saying it is a condensation trail. The time sequence immediately puts that bullshit line to rest.
    I have a list of handy email addresses of the MP’s, federal, state, local, govt depts, reporters, airport authorities and others and I write an email with sequential pictures of the poisoning. So can go at an instant, within 12 hours usually
    I do not mince my words. I say straight out …
    The crooks and the corrupted are poisoning the beings/residents, environment with chemicals, bacterium, viruses, etc from high altitude planes, they are not on the normal flight paths (all logged and verified) and this email is to advise you I have NOT consented to any poisoning by any business, which includes govt, corpse-orations, or any being, or person/persona/mask/fake. You/nobody/no business DOES NOT have my authority to do so, unless it is with my wet ink signature with full disclosure.
    = a CONtract (This is important in all aspects of life/living)
    Full compensation/reparation and awards of punitive damage to all affected beings is the debt owing by those who authorize, execute these unauthorized imposts, or fail to prevent poisoning now knowing full well the issues, upon myself, other beings, environment adversely affected.
    This declaration and subsequent debt remains outstanding, in perpetuity until the ledger is balanced.
    Ignorance of the law is no excuse (who’s law you may ask).
    Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent.
    Then I attach various links, pictures, of other crooks impositions, e.g. hoaxes, vaccines, wars, whatever, in small doses.
    I add to previous emails sent, so nothing is hidden… all is out in the open, exposed for the sham it is.
    This works on many levels, seen and unseen = vibration on the move = I AM in Command = Command ye me.
    1. “Spells” out the exact issue, Penalties for Commission and Omission.
    2. Holds ALL the corrupted ones to account. NO being can escape the net. They know the rules now!!!
    3. Maximises info sharing to the asleep “aides” and the lower level beings (a picture tells a thousand words) as they can see who they work for and why the whirld is corrupted as it is = in their own office the shit starts!
    4. Pins all the crooks down.
    5. The Cosmos now acts as you have COMMANDED the ACTION = vibration on the move
    6. Remain detached …things move in accord with the bigger Cosmic picture.
    PS I see that the Sandy Hook closed school HOAX = “hex”, was mentioned yesterday in a chemtrail research of satellite images where the day of the HOAX the sky was thick of chemtrails. Nothing in the area before or after for 5 years. …a cover story it be!
    Satellites take 12 hourly pictures of all areas of the whirld and is on an accessible database ….mmmmm.

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