By: Bradley Loves



In the children’s tale called: The Emporer’s New Clothes, a vain and unfortunate King, tired of the same old fashions he has being wearing succumbs to the opinions of his Royal entourage that being “NAKED” is the newest “fashion” that no one has yet thought of…, and that NO CLOTHES are the BEST CLOTHES there are!

The vain and ridiculously disconnected KING subsequently struts through-out the town in the “nude” and NO ONE who sees him has the courage to tell the King he has no clothes on.

So…, they all bow and literally compliment the KING on his wonderful clothes!

Only a mere child has the needed COURAGE to speak out and say something that is quite OBVIOUS and that something is that the KING has “no clothes on”.

Something not a SINGLE ADULT in the Kingdom had the courage to do!

Well…, as I write this…, we are THERE IN REAL LIFE

CENSORSHIP in America is now being “passed” off as “NOT CENSORSHIP”!

Just like when the King who wore “no clothes” was passed off as WEARING THE BEST CLOTHES in existence!

This is exactly the SAME THING!

And just like in the child’s story…, not a single adult has the courage to say…, “Hey wait a minute…, the KING has no clothes”…, or in THIS CASE…, “Hey wait a minute that IS censorship!”


See this article from BREITBART!

YouTube Hides PragerU Video of Candace Owens’ Testimony in “Restricted Mode”

PragerU announced on Wednesday that YouTube has placed another of its videos in “restricted mode,” meaning that not everyone who visits the video-sharing website will be able to watch it.

The restricted video is of Candace Owens’ powerful testimony before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.


This time, the restricted video is of Candace Owens’ testimony before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, which had created several viral moments, one of which has also recently become the most watched C-SPAN video of a House hearing on Twitter.

When YouTube puts a video in “restricted mode,” it means that the video is censored from all users that have enabled the website’s restricted mode feature, which typically include libraries, schools, public institutions, or in any setting where viewers may belong to a younger demographic.

The restricted mode feature is used in order to block videos that have been deemed inappropriate, such as pornography or violence.


Placing a video in “RESTRICTED MODE” by any and ALL definitions IS CENSORSHIP!

But You-tube (like the King’s entourage), “insists” it is not censorship at all!

Look at these wonderful “clothes” the KING has on!!

Look how we are NOT CENSORING the stuff we don’t like.  We only put it into Restricted Mode…


People…, this is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

How many of you have the simple courage of a child??

What do you see?   If you see it…, POINT YOUR FINGER and call it out!  SAY SOMETHING!

”The Emporer HAS NO CLOTHES!”

Keep trying…, but the longer you wait…, the WORSE it will get!

Eventually all of those who refused to speak up…, EVEN THE NEW AGERS and SNOWFLAKES will be forced to scream out in their own defense at the last minute!

Why wait until it gets that BAD??

Speak out NOW!

All my love…


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