By: Bradley Loves


I know what I’ve written in the last few posts seems hard to believe, and at this point in time, it may even sound ridiculous!


However, to be fair to my readers, I want to point out that I’ve not lied to you!

I’ve always been honest!

And just because you’ve never heard what I am posting in other places on the web, does NOT mean that it is lacking in honesty!

It may take several (if not many) years before what I am telling you now is revealed as the TRUTH of what was actually going on behind the scenes!

But…, after the “Great Awakening” happens and countless people who are/were in very high level positions are brought to justice…, what we are going to find out (from those that were operating at the highest levels and CAME CLEAN) is that they were “serving” and “working for” out of body entities (Astral Entities).

Now…, no matter how strange, ridiculous and bizarre this sounds…, this is what was happening.



This may or may not be of interest to you, but it is actually quite logical when you follow the dots.

Most of the people (world leaders) who move up the ladder of wealth and power here on Earth belong to SECRET SOCIETIES like the FREEMASONS.

There are others…, but this is one of the big ones.

What these SECRET SOCIETIES were actually created for, and what they are hiding is something as OLD as the world itself!

Eventually, at the top levels of these secret societies, the members learn about OLD WORLD MAGIC!

This (after all) is what their group is actually HIDING from the masses…, and it was for this reason ALONE that the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS in the distant past were created…, TO PROTECT and HIDE MAGICAL POWER.

Now…, eventually…, those in high level positions (who just can’t get enough/learn enough about regular magic) will always and eventually turn to BLACK MAGIC or DARK MAGIC!



BLACK MAGIC always involves using the “powers” of ASTRAL DEMONS and OUT OF BODY ENTITIES to accomplish goals and tasks.

This is how dark and deviant magic is accomplished.

Those men and women who want to have “power over others”…, and “great financial success” no matter what it takes…, MUST eventually turn to ASTRAL ENTITIES to make this kind of thing happen…, especially if what they want GOES AGAINST THE FREEWILL of the majority!

However…, these demons must be PAID before they act!

Their price for doing what the BLACK MAGICIAN wants is usually the energy of a BLOOD SACRIFICE…, and if not that…., the extremely potent (and abusive) sexual experience/energy of a young child.

Remember that these “entities” EAT ENERGY.

So when performing a particularly important BLACK MAGIC SPELL…, a “child” is almost always sexually “raped” first – and then killed as an OFFERING to the Demon who is going to do the work.

Why do you think that the “Cabal” traffics so heavily in “children”??

This is NOT A MYSTERY to those of us who understand their “methods”.




Of course there is “white magic” or a “good” type of magic…, but these types of “magic” do not propel BAD PEOPLE into positions of great power!

IF a very bad man wants to rule over the entire world…, WHITE MAGIC is hardly going to accomplish that for him.

He needs BLACK MAGIC…, and lots of it!

Because the entire world does NOT WANT a bad man to rule over them…, thus the FREEWILL (energy/thoughts) of the masses must be over come!

ONLY BLACK MAGIC and ASTRAL DEMONS who can manipulate time and space can achieve this type of goal!

Now…, I might write some more about this…, but…, before I do…, I am going to give you a chance to digest what I have written so far…, and come to grips with the reality of what I’ve said!


This is what we are up against…, and this why the NEW AGE…, no matter how “nice” it sounds…, hasn’t a CLUE as to what is really going on in the higher levels!

All my love…, for now….

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